By: Andrew Silverstein

So, you're a man and you find yourself in Tampa.  Maybe you live here, maybe you're visiting, or, perhaps, just getting together with the dudes for a day or two.  You want to do some activities that satisfy those primal, manly cravings - beer, women, steak, whatever - and do them right.  Well we've got you covered with five manly things to do in Tampa.

Brick House Tavern & Tap - The Brick House is arguably, the ultimate man cave in Tampa. Step inside and you're greeted with scantily-clad waitress darting around the restaurant serving up deliciously manly pub grub like chicken fried steak, BBQ ribs, chicken and waffles, and more.  Kick back on one of their recliners or sofas and watch the big game while getting your dine and drink on.

Orbital Paintball - Men; we're hunters.  It's in our DNA.  Before civilization we were the ones who'd go out and spear that lion, or hunt down some other animal that could feed the tribe.  Bring back what's inside us all and hunt down your closest friends with a barrage of paintballs at orbital paintball.  Groups of 10 or less cost $35 per person which includes gun and gear rental.  10 or more is $25.

Yuengling Brewery - Beer; manly in nature, delicious in taste, especially when we're talking about Yuengling.  Head to this massive brewery in North Tampa and see how the incredibly complex, but pretty cool, brewing process goes down.  Learn the science behind beer taste and enjoy a variety of samples straight from the brewery at the end of your tour.  Oh yeah, best of all, it's FREE.

Food Challenges in Tampa - Us guys, always competing for something.  If you want to prove who reigns supreme in the group when it comes to eating a massive amount of food, or just watch one of your buddies fail miserably trying to eat a monstrous pizza, the do one of these food challenges in Tampa.  Six pounds of beef at Frontier Steakhouse?  29" XL Challenge at the American Pizza Pie Company?  Can you handle it?  Only one way to find out...

The Men's Cave - Maybe not so much a fun, "hey lets go out and do something" kind of activity, but if you need a bit of grooming, the Men's Cave is the place to go.  Enjoy this mens-only haircut spot that doubles as a cigar bar as well.  Fresh cut and a fat cigar?  If that ain't manly, well, we don't know what is.