If you've ever been to a big name Tampa parade like Gasparilla, the Night Parade, or Guavaween, chances are, you've seen krewes and their big floats all along the parade routes.  While at first glance many of them just seem like big groups of people who love awesome floats and partying at these parades each year, a few are much more than that.



The Krewe of the Knights of St. Yago is arguably the largest and most active of all krewes in the Tampa Bay area.  Each year, they host the famous Knight Parade a few weeks after Gasparilla turning it into one of the biggest nightlife events of the year in Tampa.  In addition to this, they're also very much dedicated to the enhancement and prosperity of Latin heritage in Tampa through year-round events, weekly meetings, fundraisers, and more.

Founded in 1965, The Krewe of Venus is a social organization in Tampa dedicated to bringing Tampa residents together for events like Gasparilla and a handful of others throughout the year.  The Krewe of Venus is a family oriented krewe welcome kids and parents alike.

The Krewe of Hillsborough is another one of the big krewes at parades like Gasparilla and Guavaween.  Founded in 1998, they're dedicated to preserving the namesake of our county through charity and events throughout the year.  Like many other krewes preserving the historical spirit, you can spot them dresse up in mid-18th century costumes like long bodiced dresses for the women and vest and boots for the men.

Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla is over 100 years old and, by far, the eldest in the Tampa Bay area.  They sponsor our beloved Gasparilla Pirate Festival, the third largest parade in the U.S., each January as well as the children's parade too.  Krewe members participate in a ton of charity happenings throughout the year including Salvation Army holiday drives and more.

These are just a few of the most notable krewes you'll likely find at big, Tampa parades including Gasparilla and Guavaween.