Living in Northwest Tampa / Northeast Pinellas County or Largo and interested in your overall wellness?  If so, I found an amazing cafe catering to your specific needs! We met with Kamlesh Darji, Marketing Director for  Greenroots Nutrition, a wellness café with healthy menus and wellness solutions located at the Racetrack Rd/Tampa Rd location.  Struck at first by the wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs and sports nutrition products I was at first slightly overwhelmed, however I quickly learned intimidation from the labels, choices and the vast selection often freak people out, it is normal to feel this way.  Greenroots Nutrition took me, a beginner, and guided me to exactly what I needed.  Greenroots caters to both the newb like me and seasoned athletes.

Greenroots Nutrition does your homework for you! They stay on top of the latest discoveries, keeping up to date on a product line for my needs! Oh yeah!  My life, like yours I'm sure, is overly busy, nutrition is often an afterthought as I grab something unhealthy.  I am happy they do the research for me and trust they will guide me to my goals.  With that said, Kamlesh assured me, "If there is something you want and we do not stock it, let us know and we will place a custom order for you!"

In business two years, their mission is to help customers, at all stages of health, start the transition to better health and nutrition through Greenroots.  They offer protein shakes, health boosting smoothies, protein bars, meal replacements, energy drinks, nutritional supplements like Amino acids, body building products for both pre and post workouts, weight gain, sports performance, Creatine, joint care, testosterone boosts and more. They also offer fitness accessories, tanning products, club accessories and pretty much everything anyone in the fitness industry needs whether you are competing or like me, just looking to feel better!

Kamlesh spoke excitedly about their nutritional smoothies, explaining how at Greenroots they use only the finest, and freshest ingredients.  It obviously bothers him that 'other' smoothie locations claim to serve fresh, at Greeroots you are not only guaranteed fresh, but the highest levels of nutrition as well in each smoothie they serve. They truly care about you and your wellness and are putting their money where your mouth is!  Kamlesh shared info about their first ever 90 Day Challenge to get fit with a $250 cash prize! More about that in a sec.*

Bags in hand, I checked out and into a better me at Greenroots Nutrition. Stop by to see what makes them different and find out more about how you can Win prizes for getting in shape by savouring their smoothies!

*Win a $250.00, in-store credit and a year of free smoothies while losing weight and getting in shape BEFORE the holidays!  Called  "Lose It. Prove It" it is their first ever 90 day challenge. Let Greenroots Nutrition keep you motivated to succeed, go all the way.  The only requirements are a desire for change, better health and wellness and that you live near either the Tampa or Largo locations. Are you in it to win it? Ready to check into a better you and win $250 by losing it! I am!