We know them, we see them, we hear them, we encounter them often, THE FIVE DAILY HABITS guaranteed to BOOST WEIGHT LOSS and put us on a path to better health. For some, it's so, so simple while for others it's a struggle. The trick is to play Goldilocks, and to not stop trying until you find the answer, the plan, the gym, the program "just right" for you. In Getting Fit This Fall in Tampa: Don't Miss This Helpful List we cover the pitfalls and practices needed to guarantee your success this fall.

Getting Fit This Fall in Tampa: Don't Miss This Helpful List

Considering FITNESS is 100% mental, where's your head at?

  • FARTHEST thought from your mind:  You don’t exercise; you don’t want to, you are happy with things just as they are.
  • The ‘THOUGHT’ pops into your head:  You see healthy fit people and think, “Maybe I should start an exercise program before fall comes, do something!”, or, “I know I am not healthy. I should start NOW before I gain another 10 pounds this season!”
  • WANTING more:  You are getting exercise regularly, the pounds are coming off, and you are firming up.  You want more, you see the possibilities, you realize it is NOT hard to do; you just have to WANT to succeed!  You start looking at gyms but you want to find the right fit and a great deal!

Your goal is to reach WANTING MORE and the way you get there is by forming habits and realizing small goals.  It’s a daily process filled with small choices.  There‘s no magic pill, no one can do it for you, it begins with you, and an honest deep desire to make a change in your life.  Whether it is because you want to lose weight, gain tone, increase strength, have more energy, improve the quality of your life and get heart healthy here are a few proven habits to help you get to wanting MORE:

1. Persistence pays!

Set simple goals to help you stick to your PLAN.  “I will get out of bed every day for ONE week to exercise.” Write your goal down and stick it on your refrigerator and in your car! Along with a note about WHY you want to do this new thing. You are more likely to succeed when you focus on WHY you want to achieve your goal. 


2. Pat yourself on the back!
You learned the benefits of incentives at an early age; pre-programmed to a task and reward system we all want that pat on the back!  That gold star! Ask yourself, “What motivates me most?”  The answer to this question is key to staying motivated toward your goals.  Plan to reward yourself when you get out of bed to exercise each day.  Go out for a special meal at Elevage @ The Epicurean Hotel , or Sunday Brunch at Datz where you can make healthy choices.  Plan a spa day at Roma Day Spa & Salon  or treat yourself to one of the dozens of loose aromatic teas at Raydiance Helio Spa & Wellness . Order fall flowers for your home from Artistic Florist of Tampa or a new piece of workout gear! What motivates you the most is what will keep you focused and on track toward reaching your goals.

3. Power in numbers!

The number one reason people give up on themselves and their goals is boredom! You are effecting change in your life so make sure to keep changing HOW you exercise.  If you are walking, change the route or time of day.  THINK about what you are doing and be purposeful. You have increased your stamina, lost weight; it is time to look at joining a gym or fitness group.  Gyms provide the ‘change’ you need in your routine to stay interested.  You can use a stationary bike, rowing machine, and a treadmill or stair master.  They offer cardio classes, weight training, yoga, and dance. Find a workout friend and workout with a friend or group.  You have a better chance of getting to the Wanting MORE stage when you engage with people doing the same thing you are doing! 


4. The proof is in your numbers!

Keep track of your progress; find a great fitness tracker online or in an app on your phone and just like you did in kindergarten give yourself a star each day you succeed.  Scientists believe it takes two months to create a habit; to get there you need to focus one day at a time.  Track your progress at the gym, not just on the scale, but online.  Use a step counter to keep track of and record your daily steps.  Use apps to track your eating habits and the water you consume.

5. Predict your Success!
Do not keep your goals to yourself.  When you SHARE your goals on social media with friends and family, you are more likely to stick with your PLAN. In addition, who knows, in doing so you might motivate someone else stuck in the ‘FARTHEST thought from your mind’ stage to “The THOUGHT pops into your head.”

Finding your Gym Fit

We are fortunate in Tampa Bay to have wonderful choices when it comes to working out with like-minded people.  There is a gym experience perfect for every personality. To find a gym that fits you plan to visit several until you find your gym fit, a place where you feel comfortable.  Ask yourself, do I see myself making friends here, is the atmosphere pleasing to me, are they open when I need to workout, do they offer exercise modalities you are familiar with and new ones to explore?  


HELPFUL HINT:  Health is your goal, not body image.

If body image is something you struggle with, something preventing you from joining a gym or fitness classes check out 6 Tips to Loving Your Body from the brilliant physicians at the Mayo Clinic.


Finding Your Fit This Fall

Check out this list of popular gyms in Tampa and remember to bring a towel, gyms often let you work-out free when checking them out! 

HELPFUL HINT:  At this time of year many gyms offer FALL or PRE-HOLIDAY special pricing, be sure to ask if they have a deal!

Powerhouse Gym

With 20+ years experience in the gym industry patrons say the one-on-one attention is what keeps them coming back to this family owned and operated gym at 1120 E Kennedy Blvd.  Co-Owner of this family-owned gym, Eddy Midyett told us, "It doesn't matter if you are an experienced lifter or a couch potato Powerhouse is welcoming, friendly and has everything you need in one place. From a sand pit, to kettle balls, ropes, tires, an oxygen-rich spin room, and treadmills to classes and weight training you will train in an upscale, vibrant, clean and inspiring environment here. Powerhouse employs people who keep the gym sparkling for as Eddy puts it, "Every client is like family to us, we care."  A client recently had her bike stolen, a bike she needed to ride to work, so they surprised her with a new one!  That's how much they care!  Opened at this location in 2009 Powerhouse is expanding with a new location at 3251 W Hillsborough Ave.  Their gyms also offer nutrition departments, chiropractors, independent trainers, massage, a "driven recovery zone" with massage and stretching and Cryotherapy. Powerhouse Gyms are a one-stop shop boasting an eclectic and interesting clientele including athletes, celebrities, moms, dads bodybuilders, singles and more. Ther is nothing 'judgy' about this gym!  Check their website for a special deal, they are usually awesome, especially for new clients!

Sweatshop Urban Gym and Fitness Studio

Offers high-intensity group fitness classes including kickboxing, boot camp, and TRX training. Not sure what TRX is?  TRX uses your body weight  to develop strength, balance flexibility, and core stability, all at the same time. Our Navy Seals created TRX as a training tool and epitomize teamwork, a keyword when it comes to the core philosophy at this studio! 


Offers customized fitness for everything from mommy's to models, brides to body-builders. 4U Fitness  allows you to get fit at your pace and can include Electro Fitness. The use of electronic devices to create muscle contraction. Workouts include Mommy Makeover, Resistance training, Sport Specific training, and MORE.

Body Carvers

Body Carver's philosophy on fitness is that it is ALL about you! Charity Lane, owner, and operator has over ten years in the health and fitness industry and takes a holistic healthy approach to diet and exercise.  Her goal is to keep you on track not only with an exercise plan but with meal planning as well. She will teach you how to eat your way to fitness! Not familiar with Charity?  Check out her BLOG to read more about her philosophy and dedication to helping you succeed.

Helpful Hint: Make an appointment or pop-in at the time you will be using the gym to check out the atmosphere at the same time you would be there.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is the world's largest 24-hour co-ed gym.  No matter your schedule, they are open for you and ready to assist you with your goals. Friendly and supportive they will help you get started. Do you travel? Because they are a chain you can work out in any one of thousands of facilities when you are away from home with Anytime! They also offer Employee Wellness Programs to employers.

Orange Theory Fitness

Where fitness meets science!  A five interval training session called the Orange 60 provides you with an 'afterburn" effect increasing your metabolic rate.  Monitored by a heart monitor and POD, clients are said to burn an average 500 - 1000 calories using the Orange 60 method. This is the place to go if weight loss is your goal.  

Tampa Metropolitan YMCA

Join before December 31st and receive a $25 gift certificate! Annually local YMCA's assist more than 160,000 residents and visitors improving their health and well-being.  A full operation gym they offer classes including cardio, yoga, Pilates, and spin.  Some facilities offer swimming and sports like racquetball, basketball, and soccer.  They have personal trainers, treadmills, rock walls, rowing machines and more. How long has it been since you checked out the YMCA? Affordable and nearby they are a great choice for all members of your family. Check to see if there is a LOCATION near you.


For as little as $10 per month you can pick a membership option the Fits you Best. They offer Circuit Training, Corporate Wellness, Personal Trainers and Active Adult Fitness. Their classes include Cardio Kickboxing, Jillian Michaels Body Shred and African Dance

Title One Boxing Club

Where your first shot is FREE! Fill out the form on their website or call for a free class. At Title One you can box, kickbox, workout with a personal trainer or burn up to 1000 calories in The Power Hour, a one-hour intensive cardio workout focused on both boxing and kickboxing designed to increase your stamina, tone muscle and strengthen your heart.

PUNCH Boxing for Fitness

Where you can burn up to 1000 calories in one workout and your workouts include a trainer. At Punch, you mirror professional boxers during 3-minute rounds with one-minute breaks but without the fight. You do not have to get hit to get fit at Punch.  Get fit and get your frustrations out hitting heavy bags!  It is a high intensity guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life.. best part, you are learning self-defense while getting lean.

6.  Prevail, stay rooted in reality!

OBSTACLES! We all have them, realities we allow to derail us. What are yours?  Write them down, be honest then think about a solution. Here are a few ideas, maybe a one or more are familiar:

  • I want to sleep later and don't eat breakfast - Plan to get up one day a week to eat something small, then two the next.
  • I don't like to cook and don't want to cook two meals - Check out these sites:  3-Ingredient Healthy Meals - One Pot Healthy Meals from Cooking Light - 
  • My family won't eat what I eat - Change what they eat gradually, don't share what it is - they will be surprised!
  • I eat out mostly - Ask for a Doggie Bag with your meal, split it in two BEFORE you eat, ask for fats on the side and drink lots of water.
  • I don't have the time to cook something healthy - On Sundays plan and pre-prepare you meals for the week and freeze.
  • I hate eating veggies and fruits - Experiment or focus on different ways to prepare the one or ones you do like adding them to recipes where possible
  • I crave junk food - Have your treats in moderation and be real! Go out for ice cream, don't buy the half-gallon for the kids thinking you won't hit that!
  • It's too hard keeping track -  It's not forever, you won't need it always! Good habits will replace bad in a matter of weeks.
  • No one supports me - Find support. TWO GREAT RESOURCES : My Fitness Pal and Map My Walk have communities and assistance. Both are online and available as an app on your phone. 

HELPFUL HINT - Change your 'Normal'  without losing who you are and what you like, choose activity by doing what you enjoy and you will succeed. Reap the results!

If you have a favorite place to work out or if you would like your gym or fitness studio added to Getting Fit This Fall in Tampa: Don't Miss This Helpful List  please let us know in comments below.  We enjoy your comments and look forward to hearing about your success, stumbling blocks, plateaus, and progress. Don't wait until the New Year, commit today and Change Your Normal!