While most are in the midst of deep sleep, trainer Brian Pisowicz is hitting away at punching bags at Title Boxing Club Brandon.

“I wake up at 5 in the morning and look forward to going to Title,” he confidently explains.  “I never wanted to do that with a gym. I hated going to a gym because I didn’t know what to do.”

Frustration with the typical gym setting eventually led Brian to Title Boxing Club, which for him has become a dynamic environment unlike any other.

“For me Title has been a game changer,” he discloses.

He has been at Title Boxing Club for over two years now; first he was a student, but now he loves it so much, he leads classes as a trainer in addition to his full-time IT job.

So, what did Title Boxing Club offer that no other experience could?

“Here, I’ve got a personal trainer that’s showing me exactly what to do ... that’s motivating me and pushing me to my limit every time,” he explains, mentioning that such trainers in most gyms are expensive and time-consuming.

Brian also cites that hitting the bag helps get the stress out. “Most people work stressful jobs,” he admits. “Hit training helps relieve that stress.”

What is the biggest factor that sets Title Boxing Club apart?

It’s something much more than just working out. According to Brian, it’s “a sense of family.”

“When you have a place that has a sense of family, that makes you feel good when you go, and it’s fun and you want fitness to be something that will be there for the long term, this is it,” he explains.

Brian incorporates this “family” mindset into each of his sessions. He asks members about their workouts but also about their jobs, families, and interests.

For him, there’s a mutual sense of respect and admiration for each person and a desire to help others achieve their goals.

He believes anyone, at any age, can achieve their goals; whether they are 8-years-old, like his daughter who accompanies him to many sessions, or, as

Brian adds, “people who are 60, 70 years old who are hitting the bag harder than me.”

What is Title Boxing Club like for beginners? What are the sessions like?

For beginners, Brian explains that Title is ideal because “classes are designed so that you can go at your own pace.”

“You can really tone up, build a lot of muscle and have it be fun. Just learn some basic punches and go for it.”

Also, “you’ll lose a lot of weight fast because of the hit training,” he suggests, while also pointing out the pictures on the wall of members who have lost over 200 pounds as a result of Title Boxing.

“Each workout is an hour,” Brian notes, explaining that there are three different sessions: cardio (warm up), eight rounds of boxing and 15 minutes of core exercises.

The warm up often consists of leg exercises to “get the heart rate up,” such as squats, lunges or frog jumps.

Then, there are multi-combination punches that he teaches his students for the eight different rounds of boxing with one minute “active rests,”, followed by the 15 minutes of core exercises.

“I want my students to ask ‘what is he going to have for me next week?’” he explains. “I like to come up with new things and keep members interested.”

Part of keeping students’ interest is incorporating a sense of humor while also pushing others to reach their goals.

“My whole class is about being fun,” he chuckles.  “I joke around a lot; try to have fun with it.”

In addition to one-hour classes, Title Boxing Club also offers 1.5 hours classes throughout the week and on Saturdays, 75 minute classes as “a step up.”

Diet and Exercise

“Your body should be top priority, you should take care of it,” Brian explains. “If you really want to lose weight, you really want to look good, and you really want to tone up, it’s what you put in your body.”

So, what should you put in your body?

“You should eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, proteins and good fats … eat as healthy as you can,” Brian recommends.

“I eat in a way that I know that I can for the rest of my life and make fitness a priority.”

Trainer Brian Pisowicz

The Rewards of Training

For Brian, training is passion.

“I started training because I loved it so much,” he emphasizes.

For Brian, the time and investment have paid off in more ways than he ever imagined.

“I’ve just watched the number of lives [Title Boxing] has changed; seeing people that were barely able to walk to completing mud runs to completing half-marathons.”

For Brian, like many others at Title Boxing Club, being fit and feeling great is no longer a dream, but a reality.

He remarks, “I’m in better shape at 40 than I was at 20 and it’s because I’m working out everyday because I enjoy it.”

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