As one year ends and another begins, most people make commitments to themselves to work out and get fit. As most everyone knows, New Year’s Resolutions like those are hard to keep. Work, school, families and our own personal laziness often inhibit us from sticking to our fitness commitments. Even with some of the most beautiful running and biking trails in the Tampa Bay area, committing to fitness can feel like a difficult task.

This is no reason to give up, though… not with great deals from Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club Offers to Make 2017 Great!

Now through January 31, select Title Boxing Club locations are offering a discounted registration rate for their gym membership. You can sign up for only $20.17 this month and make the most of all Title Boxing has to offer for all of 2017! 
Title Boxing Club was founded on January 2, 2008 and has since grown across the United States. With over 160 gym locations, Title Boxing Club encourages its members to put their best foot forward and work towards the healthiest, most confident versions of themselves.

People of any age and from any walk of life are encouraged and welcomed to join the club! Title Boxing Club lets each workout fit the individual person, even among a group class. Seniors, children and everyone in between can have a great experience with this unique gym experience. By utilizing boxing in all their workout classes, Title Boxing Club commits to its honored members, granting instruction and encouragement on a personal basis. 
Title Boxing Club also focuses heavily on members who have Parkinson’s disease, helping them take back control of their bodies for a "Power Hour" and unleash their strength on a punching bag. Click here to read more about Title Boxing Club's commitment to powering over Parkinson's.

You can get the discounted rate at two of 813Area's favorite locations, Title Boxing Club Brandon and Title Boxing Club South Tampa. Tell them you heard about their special membership registration fee from us!!

Title Boxing Club members have access to fun, transformative workouts and accountability to meet fitness goals. With a knockout registration fee of only $20.17, you can join the club and reach the level of health you deserve. 

In addition to getting in the gym at Title Boxing Club, go explore the great outdoors and check out the best running trails in Tampa and the best biking trails in Tampa! 
Make 2017 your best year yet. Join Title Boxing Club today and start your fitness and fitness journey right. 

Title Boxing Club 

Title Boxing Club Brandon  |  889 E. Bloomingdale Ave. Brandon  

Title Boxing Club South Tampa  |  4212 S Henderson Blvd., Tampa