When Boxing comes to mind, not many people associate women with the sport; it was only just in 2012 that women were allowed to box in the Olympics. And why is this? The stereotype of it being a "man's sport" and "not feminine" is what holds women back from trying out an amazing, beneficial sport.

My Personal Experience

I was lucky enough to be raised in a household of open minds. When I was younger, my dad would show me some basics and lead shadow boxing workouts with me. Health and wellness are extremely important to me, and boxing was a fun way to mix in cardio! I never took it very seriously or practiced it much, so when I heard of Title Boxing Club and their special power hour classes that can burn up to 1,000 calories, I was all for it!

I called up the gym to ask a couple questions, and the salesperson informed me that they offer "First Shot Free"--a free, complimentary class to try out before signing up. I asked for a schedule of classes and matched up with a convenient evening session for that night. Their schedules are very accommodating to the busy working woman.

My brother decided to go with me--he is an extremely active cross country runner who runs 5-8 miles a day, so we figured it would be fun for the both of us and no sweat for him. Once we walked in, we were greeted by friendly staff who provided us with gloves to use and signed a quick waiver.

Now--the class. As a woman, it can sometimes feel intimidating being surrounded by men in a gym. However, I did not feel uncomfortable or get any weird vibes at all. It was actually a pretty even mix of men and women in the class. The instructor greeted us, we went through some warm ups, and after just 15 minutes into the workout I was already feeling pretty tired.

I honestly did not think I would be able to survive the whole hour at that point, but the instructor was very motivating, and the energy from everyone in the room continued to fuel me. Even as I messed up some sequences or got sluggish in certain moves towards the end, I did not feel embarrassed. Everyone around me was just so focused on their own workout that it was impossible to feel any insecurity about my abilities.

After the class was finished I was DRENCHED. And so was my brother. He noted to the instructor, "I don't know how you do this all this time." And after that workout, I was pretty convinced that I did burn close to 1,000 calories and that this truly is an excellent workout method to take up.

The Benefits of Boxing

Just by taking this one class, I could definitely understand how boxing is one of the quickest ways to get fit. Even if you're just a beginner there are no worries about the rigor when it comes to Title Boxing Club--the instructor's are there to encourage you and know how to help beginners. Just one class hits a lot of fitness points one wants to build on and practice, which include:

-Cardio: Cardiovascular exercise releases feel-good endorphins, can prevent heart disease and is essential for burning off excess fat.

-Strength: Women tend to stray from building muscle because of the fear of getting bulky. The fact is, it is EXTREMELY hard to bulk up, and even in this rigorous exercise you literally have nothing to worry about in that department. In fact, having more muscle helps burn more calories when you workout and even when resting. This is why men tend to lose weight quicker--they naturally have a higher muscle to fat ratio. Plus, strong muscles are important for bone health, especially as one gets older.

-Stamina: One intense hour of this, will definitely increase your endurance over time.

-Agility: In boxing, you need to be quick on your feet!

Aside from the physical aspect, boxing also has mental and emotional health benefits, such raising confidence. Working through difficult classes, overcoming challenges, and watching your fitness level increase all help in giving you this big sense of self-belief, which is so important to your mental and emotional health.

Another way it benefits mental health is through its stress relief. There really is no better way to release anger than when you're hitting the bag in a controlled, fun environment.

Special Deals & Events

Right now, the all new Title Boxing Club in South Tampa has an amazing special going on: the first 100 members to sign up receive 50% off enrollment and Free Title Boxing Gear (a Title Boxing Bag, Gloves and wraps). Just about 25 packages are left! Their grand opening is on June 2nd.

Title Boxing Club has locations in Carrollwood, Brandon, and now South Tampa; they all have had fun events like "Ladies Night" and a Superhero event--everyone comes dressed in costume to work out, and the best dressed wins a $50 gift card! Events like this can be expected again in the near future, so make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep updated on special events like this!