When it comes to jobs in a city as big and diverse as Tampa, you've definitely got to stand out from the crowd to make a good impression, especially for a highly contentious position.

As opposed to a few years ago, the job market in Tampa has steadily improved with unemployment down and payroll budgets up across the board.  This is definitely great news for any seeking jobs in Tampa.  In fact, companies like TruGreen and Progressive have both announced large hiring sprees in recent weeks.

One great way to make your job search easier is to take part in a job fair like the Tampa Bay Job and Career Fair that goes down multiple times a year.  The next Tampa Bay Job and Career Fair will happen on April 23 at the Coliseum in Downtown St. Petersburg.

Job fairs allow you to interact with a wide variety of employers under one roof and increase your opportunity for getting hired.

Networking is another great way to increase your exposure to potential employers and jobs in Tampa.  There are tons of networking events all throughout the month in Tampa and they come in a wide variety of career specialties so you can find the right job you need.

Online networking is another fantastic way to increase your exposure and thus, make your job search easier.  LinkedIn is the premier social network for employers and job seekers.  A complete, well-written LinkedIn profile can do wonders if you're really looking to impress employers in the digital realm.

If you're unemployed or just stuck in a crappy job there are a ton of ways to make your search for jobs in Tampa easier.  This is just the tip of the ice berg.  Work hard, do your research, increase your exposure to employers, and you'll be working in Tampa in no time.