The 813area Podcast Network's Dishonorable Mention hit the road this past weekend to catch the latest in session in Tallahassee. Their task? To find various ideals across the aisle and discover their policies, journeys, and jobs in the state of Florida. They returned with six different episodes premiering over the past week to subscribers. Not a subscriber? We have all six uploads in the embed player below, but it pays to subscribe for all of the exclusive content in continuity! 

For those of you that did subscribe you heard the gang's intro at the Hotel Duval upon arrival in Tallahassee along with separate interviews with Representative Anna Eskamani, Representative Byron Donalds, Political Strategist Steve Schale, Representative Josie Tomkow, and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

By episode:

Episode 11: A Tallahassee Road-Trip

  • 0:42: Live from the Hotel Duval, DM is in the state capitol in Tallahassee. What are the hosts hopes for this weekend?
  • 6:29: How realistic is it for the state capital to move to a central location for more access? Is that a real possibility?
  • 8:31: What discussions are dominating session?
  • 10:24: Lets talk Tally night life! 
  • 16:27: Who are the hosts most excited to interview?

A Chat with Representative Anna Eskamani

  • 0:42: Intros and Welcome! What inspired you to run for office and legislate? 
  • 3:12: What have you thought so far of your first session?
  • 4:34: What are the bills that you have sponsored? 
  • 6:20: How do our younger listeners get involved in politics if they are interested? 
  • 8:39 : What was your reaction when you saw your picture on the cover of Times Magazine? 
  • 11:55: What’s it like having a twin sister also in the process?
  • 14:50: What three words describe you and your #FloridaMan story?
  • 16:12: How much did the Pulse tragedy motivate you to pursue office? 
  • 17:37: What are your favorite parts of your district?

A Chat with Representative Byron Donalds

  • 1:42 : Let’s talk about teacher certifications and testing.
  • 3:47: What has motivated you to be a school choice champion?
  • 8:33: What are your thoughts on trade schools, community colleges or bridge programs for students who aren’t ready for a traditional college experience?
  • 11:48:  What can the state do for the kids who don’t have quality parents? 
  • 14:39: How did you end up in Florida from Brooklyn?
  • 15:47: What are your favorite parts of your district?
  • 17:27: What is some of the work you’ve done on criminal justice reform? 
  • 20:52: Florida man story and #1 song on your fourteenth birthday.


A Chat with Political Strategist Steve Schale

  • 1:15 What are some of your experiences and successes in the state of Florida?
  • 4:19: What it was like to be with President Obama when he found out he was almost guaranteed to win Florida. 
  • 6:59: What are you currently engaged in?
  • 8:20: What are some of the most amazing places you have traveled globally?
  • 9:52: What is the most exotic delicacy you have had?
  • 13:39: What is the #1 song on your fourteenth birthday and reactions! 
  • 13:39: Where to find Steve Schale on social media.
  • 14:52: Steve’s experience walking doors for Chris Latvala!

A Chat with Representative Josie Tomkow

  • 0:42: Inros and what inspired you to come to office and be the youngest representative in Tallahassee.
  • 4:35: What are some of the bills that you have sponsored?
  • 6:24: How has your college experience prepared you to serve the public? How would you describe your generation in one word?
  • 10:02: What do you think the greatest contribution of your generation will be? 
  • 11:45: What can older generations do to get younger generations politically engaged?
  • 12:56: #1 hit on your fourteenth birthday and #Floridaman birthday story!
  • 14:13: Where to follow Josie Tomkow on social media.

A Chat with Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried

  • 0:42: Intros and what’s it like being the highest elected Democrat in the state of Florida?
  • 3:09: Which of the three ‘W’s’ has been the most challenging?
  • 8:14: What was the impact on the agricultural industry in the panhandle after Hurricane Michael and what can be done to help them?
  • 11:02: What’s been the biggest surprise your first term in elected office?
  • 12:02: #1 song on your fourteenth birthday!
  • 13:40: Your inspiration for running for elected office.



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