Tip your fedoras, hipsters of Tampa: we have earned a spot as one of the of most hipster cities in the world!

Business Insider's 2018 most hipster cities in the world puts Tampa as 11th. Florida established itself a role in creating hipster vibes by having four of its cities ranked in the top twenty-two most hipster cities in the world, with Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami also making the list. Tampa's vintage shopping scene, museums, amusement parks, and nightlife aided our beloved Tampa in receiving the title of the 11th most hipster city in the world! 

Tampa's amazing vintage and thrift store shopping opportunities highlight the urban-hipster ambiance that Tampa radiates. Repurposing and saving materials ranging from clothes to furniture helps with making sure that nothing gets wasted. 813Area network has a list of some of the amazing vintage and thrift stores that Tampa offers, where one can shop amongst the old in search of something new for their home or wardrobe. Other great vintage and thrift sites to peruse are The Spring Thrift Store & Boutique and the Vintage Post Marketplace

Another attribution to Tampa's spot as the 11th most hipster city in the world is the museums. Tampa's array of museums showcase an appreciation for history and art. Our historic and culture-filled Ybor City emulates historic stories capturing the attention of all sub-culture enthusiasts. The Ybor City Museum State Park tells the tales and captures the history and cultural heritage of Ybor. Awareness of the past and artistic talents keep minds fueled with creativity and intellectuality. 

Amusement parks do not just provide amusement, they furnish colorful backdrops for perfect polaroids, Tumblr content, and Instagram pictures. Tampa's amusement parks may not house Disney princesses, but they offer action-packed activities filled with talented performances and sensational rides that don't require an hour-long drive.  

Tampa's invigorating nightlife lacks any surprise of lending a hand as a benefactor of getting Tampa named 11th most hipster city in the world. Tampa's nightlife grows and heats up with every rise and fall of the moon and sun. Tampa's rooftop bars spice the nightlife's spirit by adding a wonderful view to the joys of experiencing live music and having a drink at hand. 

The list of eccentric loveable factors of Tampa continues to grow as the city flourishes over time. The ability to have been named one of the most hipster cities in the world plants a fulfillment in the sprouting minds and hearts of urban free thinkers. 

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Photos by Seth Doyle and Max Panamá on Unsplash.