The signs are everywhere in Tampa, from street banners, football artwork, and of course traffic… but nowhere is the evidence clearer that College Football’s biggest game is coming to Florida this week than the secondary ticket market.
The prices to get into Raymond James Stadium on Monday, are skyrocketing. Uppers, as ticket pros call the upper deck, have a face value of $450.. good luck finding those, by the way. Ticketmaster is reselling those starting at $1100 on up to $1800.  The lowers, yes the lower deck, resell anywhere from $1800 to $8100 apiece. 

Vivid Seats, another ticket broker, has tickets listed on their website from $1000 all the way up to, yes, $12,000 apiece.  Now, how in the world, can any game live up to the hype of $12,000 per seat?  Apparently, if you’re an Alabama or Clemson booster, it can.  That’s what the brokers are hoping for.

And by the way, fans reselling tickets to an event at Raymond James Stadium on the property is prohibited! 

What will you see?  A rematch of last season’s Championship Game between Alabama and Clemson with Bama favored by 6 ½ points.

Now, I wouldn’t put $12,000 on this… maybe $12… but I like Clemson in an upset.  The Tigers lost last year to the Crimson Tide, but this year will be different.  I like Clemson’s QB DeShaun Watson.  I think their defense can hold down Bama’s offense, which hasn’t looked all that good.  And I believe Head Coach Nick Saban made a mistake in showing OC Lane Kiffin the door a week before the game so Kiffin could concentrate on his new gig with Florida Atlantic.  You don’t mess with a good thing a week before the biggest game.

Either way, enjoy the game… whether you spent $12,000, or a couple hundred to invite your friends over to watch on your big screen TV, Big Time NCAA Championship Football is back in Tampa and we are happy to have the fans here!