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Rocky Horror Picture Show " PIMPS & Ho Ho Ho's " Night
Dec 20 | 11:30 PM | Saturday
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12th Tampa Railfair and Model Train Show and Sale.
Dec 21 | 10:00 AM | Sunday
at Florida State Fairgrounds
Holiday Afternoon Tea Cruise
Dec 21 | 11:40 AM | Sunday
at Yacht StarShip
Dec 21 | 12:00 PM | Sunday
at The Social
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Green Bay Packers
Dec 21 | 1:00 PM | Sunday
at Raymond James Stadium
Streamside Dr. Christmas Lights
Dec 21 | 6:00 PM | Sunday
at 11048 Streamside Dr
Teen Night
Dec 21 | 6:30 PM | Sunday
at Dallas Bull

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Vymarie reviewed
Comments: Great service, Taylor ur the BEST!!!! Good people, great management. I Love sink or swim on Saturday!!!! ..
Overall Rating: 11111
kimberly reviewed
Comments: The service was horrible, and I do not recommend them! I was charged 3 different times to my credit card, and when I went back in the get it straightened ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Scott reviewed
Pros: Fast service, friendly staff and good food. Good option when craving some Cuban food in Tampa. ..
Cons: Breakfast seemed a little pricier than other options. ..
Comments: I have lived in Tampa for quite some time now and it took a while before I went to Pipo's. Now though, it is one of my go to ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Kamaljit reviewed
Comments: enjoy a relaxing evening of entertainment and dining. Love to come here ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Ghost stories get passed down through generations and are shared in many ways such as at camp fires, during sleep overs, at Halloween events, and more.  Ghost stories are more prominent in historic areas such as Ybor City, Seminole Heights, West Tampa, and Hyde Park as there is more history.  During spooky holidays such as Halloween and even days like Friday the 13th, ghost stories seem to be more talked about. 

With Halloween Tampa approaching, local Tampa ghost stories will be widely discussed and some will even seek the thrill of these ghosts in person.  Sure Halloween brings events such as Guavaween in Ybor City, Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa, ZooBoo at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa haunted houses, and the many other Tampa Halloween events.  There are also Tampa ghost tours in the areas with several ghost stories and sightings such as Ybor City.  But what about the ghost stories that you may not know about unless you research or hear it from people who have seen the ghosts?

With the extensive history of Ybor City, there are many stories of ghost sightings in the area.  One of the more popular ghost sightings is that of the "drunken Cuban" ghost in the Tampa Florida Brewery, currently the Swope Law Group's law offices.  Story has it that when the Tampa Florida Brewery opened, they gave away free beer at the opening ceremony and two drunk Cuban men got into a fight with one man dieing in the brewery from head injuries.  Over the years, people have heard a voice with a heavy spanish accent and this is believed to be the Cuban man killed in the brewery. 

There are several other ghost sightings in historic Ybor City.  The Cuban Club in Ybor City is known to have several ghosts as well.  Some have said that the piano in the old theater of the building has played itself.  Others have all stated sightings of ghosts in the hallways and elevators of the building.  Tampa police officers have also claimed seeing a woman's ghost who apparently was shot and killed in the building during a political debate at the turn of the 20th century.  Another famous and probably the most frightening ghost in Ybor is the ghost of Avellanal Jr. who haunts the historic Don Vicenti Inn.  The Don Vicenti Inn was a Dr. Avellanal's clinic during the early 1900s and Avellanal Jr was the doctors schizophrenic son who did some horrific things in and around the building.  There are many, many more Ybor City ghost stories in the historic buildings and streets which may be ghosts from the 1908 Ybor City fire or during the mafia days of Charlie Wall.  You can learn more about Ybor City ghosts by taking the Ghost Party Haunted Tours.

In Downtown Tampa, the Tampa Theatre is said to be haunted by lots of ghosts including Foster Fink Finley who was the dedicated projectionist and basically lived and worked at the theatre from 1930 to 1965.  The Tampa Theatre has several ghost sightings and happenings such as objects being moved to different locations of the theatre, cold spots on the stairs, and many other instances noted by employees as well as visitors.  With all the ghostly activity in the Tampa Theatre, they even offer ghost tours where you can walk through the theatre in search of these ghost sightings.

There are several other areas of Tampa that are haunted including some residential houses and streets in the Seminole Heights and Ybor City area.  These legends have been passed down through the generations and to this day people still see this ghosts.  Do you know of any ghosts stories or sightings in the Tampa area?  Have you experienced any of the above ghost tales?  Post your stories below in the comments and lets keep these legends going.


You can learn a lot by going on the OFFICIAL Ybor City Ghost tours because Ghost Party Haunted Tours is not good. I had Christine as a guide and she was looking at her watch the whole time, barely told any history and had the nerve to say I had "issues" because of my bad review of her tour. I was just telling the truth. The official Ybor City ghost tour was rated number 1 in the COUNTRY by 2 different magazines. It's a longer, cheaper tour then the other or at least a year ago it was. But I can guarantee it's the best ghost tour you'll ever go on. The guides are very enthusiastic and make you very comfortable, there is nothing they don't know about the history and it's very interesting.
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