Davis Island is a neighboring island of Tampa, Florida. Nearby is the Port of Tampa and the downtown district of Tampa with a variety of entertainment, hotels, shopping opportunities, restaurants and bars for college students, young professionals, families, residents and visitors.

Davis Island Apartments
Davis Island apartments range from affordable to expensive, luxurious to practical, suitable for families, young professionals and all types of people looking to relocate to this area. Davis Island apartments with one and two bedrooms range in price but most seem to offer a gated pool and laundry facilities.  Apartments in Davis Island can require maintenance care fees for the apartments and lawncare. More budget friendly apartments in Davis Island may be leased or rented by the month or annually.

East Davis Boulevard, on Davis Island, is the best place to be for food, fun, and refreshments. Restaurants feature Mexican, Italian, Thai and many more popular cuisines.  Not to mention the closeby, within walking distance, nightlife options.  This community has the option of crossing the bridge to downtown Tampa to enjoy a plethera of shopping, restaurants and nightlife or stay at their doorstep at the local 'DI' favorites! 

Besides the pool privileges at most apartment complexes, Davis Island has Davis Islands Yacht Club, giving another upscale and exclusive feel to everyone living in homes or apartments in Davis Island. Nearby University of Tampa offers collegiate sports, academic, and cultural events year-round. The annual Islands Fest takes place at the Seaplane Basin Park and Peter O. Knight Airport with a host of exhibitors and artists, live music, food and beverages, and activities sponsored by the Tampa airport police crime prevention and Tampa General Hospital clubs. The theme for the sponsored programs is bicycle safety for all ages.

Whether staying overnight to catch a sport event or an extended stay to enjoy the beaches and water sports of Davis Island, budget friendly to luxurious accommodations are readily available.  Recreation opportunities include walking and bus tours, golf, sailing and skiing lessons, and transportation to the local shops and restaurants offering your guests a paradise type visit to your home and high class neighborhood.