Downtown Tampa apartments are perfect for college students and young professionals. Many of the buildings are being renovated and converted into attractive and affordable living spaces. In the past several years, the number of available apartments has skyrocketed. Downtown Tampa apartments were once only in the hundreds in numbers; now they're in the thousands, providing an attractive place for young professionals and college students who want to stay close to both work and school. In addition to being attractive, apartments in Downtown Tampa are close to shopping, restaurants, bars, dance clubs in Downtown Tampa and other nightlife venues.

Depending on the type of accommodations desired, there are plenty of options to choose from. Tampa has plenty of luxurious apartments, which are a great investment right now. Getting into a lease or even buying an apartment right now is a good idea; the price of real estate, as well as the cost of rent, is expected to raise in the next few years. In addition to the more expensive luxurious apartments in Downtown Tampa, there are also plenty of affordable units, which are perfect for college students who want to share accommodations to save money. Lower-cost units are also perfect for families who are on a budget, but want to be close to shopping, schools and other attractions. Families on a budget also appreciate the attractive safety ratings of Downtown Tampa.

Near the downtown area, there are many great restaurants, ranging from cheap fast food to expensive fine dining. Plenty of jobs are near. Residents also enjoy the ability to receive visitors with many nearby hotels. Most hotels in Downtown Tampa are fairly affordable, so family and friends can visit any time. There are several great recreation activities to enjoy in the area. Beach recreation activities are the most popular. Nightlife is one of the biggest draws to living in Downtown Tampa; the bars and clubs often feature special events. Live bands, comedians and other performers comprise most of the special events held at these venues. A good percentage of the restaurants in the downtown area stay open late, welcoming the nightlife crowds to dine at even sushi restaurants in Downtown Tampa after visiting bars and clubs.