Harbour Island is a quiet residential area in Tampa. It really is a small island, separated from the main Florida peninsula by a channel of water. Harbour Island apartments are plentiful in supply, ranging from affordable to expensive luxurious units. This area is a popular place to live. Since it is by the ocean, the climate is moderate all year. This city faces the Gulf of Mexico. There are frequent storms, but few are severe, making it a highly desirable place to live. Recreation and beach activities are also plentiful in the area. Outdoor recreation is one of the main benefits of living in Harbour Island apartments.

There are several different neighborhoods. Those that are further from the beach and coastal waterway are more affordable, perfect for families or college students on a budget. Depending on the size of the unit and the amenities offered, the prices vary greatly. Economy apartments that are larger than average are perfect for families and college students. They are easier on a budget, but offer plenty of space for multiple dwellers.

Young professionals usually prefer more upscale areas that offer luxurious apartments. Those who are able to afford the more expensive prices for beach-side apartments and luxury units will enjoy the views and benefits. Young professionals also like the Hyde Park area, which is a very desirable and expensive neighborhood to live in. This island also offers several nightlife venues, including bars and clubs. There are also shopping venues and a few restaurants.

There are a few hotels in the area, which is good for visitors coming from out of town. Most of the hotels are on the main peninsula. Fortunately, there is a trolley service on Harbour Island that connects to the surrounding area on land. Most of the bigger shopping centers and stores are found on the main land also. There are more options for dining there, as well. Restaurants are a collective mix of ethnicities from around the world. Bars, clubs and nightlife venues are more plentiful on the main land; most of them feature special events frequently. The special events include live bands, comedy performances or phenomenal drink specials.