There is nothing worse than feeling trapped behind a computer screen or chained to a desk at a job you hate. We've all been there; just doing whatever pays the bills because the never-ending quest for your dream job seems just that--never-ending. Luckily, Monikl Jobs is here to help you land your perfect job!

Aim Higher with Monikl

Deemed the "ultimate career matchmaker," Monikl was created to solve your career-induced frustrations. Spending hours scrolling through endless job postings online turns up a fruitless bounty nothing short of infuriating. That's why this Tampa Bay startup ditched the old ways of job hunting formulating an algorithm to match you with your dream job.

Similar to the way online dating sites work, Monikl asks users to create a profile by answering a few brief personality questions, upload a resume, and to designate your field of interest. After that, Monikl takes care of the rest of the job search for you!

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Using its unique algorithms and the information you provide, Monikl matches your preferences and experience to employers best suited to you.  Monikl presents users with a list of possible jobs and makes it easy to connect with potential employers directly through their site!

Because it takes into account more than just the keywords that 'should be' listed on your resume, Monikl matches users to jobs that not only fit their career needs but their personal ones too. 

Stop searching for your dream job alone, or being miserable in a job that isn't your dream, and start using Monikl today. Simply go to their website or download their free app, create your profile, and let the eharmony of the working world help you find your dream job! 

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