The metamorphosis on the University of Tampa campus continues to grow, with the recent opening of the 6-story, 91,000 square foot Graduate and Health Sciences Building, which is now UT's largest academic building. 

And while there are many cool touches throughout the facility, such as the SynDaver Synthetic Human, which breathes, bleeds and reacts to stimulus, perhaps the thing which stands out the most are the 53 pieces of art by Barbara Krupp.


Several of Krupp's paintings are on display at the Dabbert Gallery in Sarasota, where she is the best-selling artist of Patricia and David Dabbert. Those works caught the eyes of UT President Dr. Ronald Vaughn and his wife Renee' during a meeting of the Golden Triangle Group at a summer event in Sarasota.

"We were quickly taken by the bright, colorful abstracts and her paintings are a perfect complement to the building," said Dr. Vaughn. "In effect, this building is a Barbara Krupp gallery."

They (the Dabberts) had several pieces online and at the gallery," said Renee' Vaughn. "We started getting attached. We went back and looked and started buying it."

Krupp, who ironically was an x-ray technician before turning her passion into her profession as an artist, has her work sprinkled on every floor of the building. 

"This is real and I'm so excited and happy," Krupp said. "Art has people excited and when something like this happens, it's like standing on stage. I'm speechless."


"It's beyond what was expected," said David Dabbert. "It's truly a once in a lifetime experience and a tremendous opportunity. The Vaughns and Barbara all recognize this is something that can inspire the students. To see nice artwork throughout the building is something that takes it to another level." 

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