It seems there is a dating website for every imaginable type of person you could ever want to meet: eHarmony, Plenty of Fish,, Christian Mingle and even one for Farmers Only. The internet is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect spouse, but what about a job? If you've been job hunting awhile, you've figured out by now, the algorithm on dating sites is MUCH friendlier than the ones you post your resume to!

Finding too many "Entry level" jobs in Tampa that 'require' 3-5 years of experience? Feel like you are writing with a white crayon? Are you spending countless hours Googling until your fingers ache and sending your resume to job postings monitored by a computer that randomly kicks yours out and you never know why?  

There should be a better way, finding a job should be easier than finding a lifelong mate! Why doesn't someone invent a system that takes your best qualities and matches them up to what an employer is looking for? A  trusted site that works to match the right person with the job based on similar criteria found on dating sights. Information about you, the person, the potential employee?

Well, that’s what the people behind Monikl thought, too, which is why this Tampa Bay startup company is revolutionizing the job hunt just like Tinder shook up your dating life.

Fall in Love with Monikl

Referred to as the “eHarmony of the job industry” and "the ultimate career matchmaker" Monikl seeks to put an end to the full-time job of finding a job!  Much like the way dating sites have you fill out profile information and sends you the best matches, Monikl helps you create a profile with a few brief questions about what you’re looking for in a job. The best part? Once your profile is complete, the rest of the work lies with Monikl.

Monikl examines similarities between your experience and preferences in order to match it with employers, eliminating the need to constantly scroll through endless job postings—Monikl's goal is to make your job search Quick - Easy and Simple.

You can download Monikl as an app on your phone, create a list of your favorite job matches, message your top choices, and even protect your privacy by hiding your profile from any unwanted matches, like maybe your current boss who has no idea that you’re still bitter about that vacation time you didn’t get!

In case it wasn’t obvious already, Monikl is the missing piece of the puzzle in your online job search! No matter what type of job you’re searching for in the Tampa Bay area, Monikl’s unparalleled algorithmic approach can eliminate the painstaking process of the hunt and help you find your dream job. Back to finding your dream spouse, well, now that you know how, go get the job first, then the spouse! Call Monikl Jobs to see what they can do for you.