Our Labor Day Luau Party at Prana is just around the corner.  Come join hundreds of the Tampa Bay's finest as they party to some of the best underground hip hop on Prana's rooftop skybar overlooking the city.

Local artists Infinite Skillz, Jinx, Temp, Acoupstix and Heights N.S. will all be performing live and bringing the noise with bass knocking beats and an infectious energy sure to keep the party going well into the morning.

What?  That's not reason enough? Well, here's 10 more to get you out here on Sunday, September 1.

1.  It's Free

RSVP on the Labor Day Luau Facebook Page or the Labor Day Luau Event Listing on 813area.com so we know you're coming.

2.  Your first drink is FREE

That's right.  All you've gotta do is sign up at the new 813area.com/guestlist.  You can even choose +1 for that lazy friend of yours you know will probably come with you, but probably won't spend the minute on their computer it takes to sign up.

3.  Do you really need any more reason?


4.  Ok, we've got some seriously talented local hip hop playing on the rooftop.

The ROOFTOP!  "Oh, you know, nothing special, just partying on this ROOFTOP" you can tell all your friends when they call you from their miserable couches asking what you're doing.

5.  We mean talented...

6.  Seriously....

:40 and 3:40 to see what we're talking about...

7.  And don't think of hip hop as just guys with mics, oh no.  We've got HEIGHTS NS coming out.

Seriously, this band is some next level Gorillaz-meets-Daft Punk-meets-The Clash-meets-some crazy band from outer space you've never even thought could sound this good-type sh*t.

See what we mean?

8.  The fabulous JINX will be dropping gems like this and more off his latest, The Gem In I.  If there's any music that's perfect for kicking back and drinking on the rooftop it's this.

9.  Temp just dropped his newest mixtape, A Stranger Among Us, on Tuesday so you know he's comin' in with a vengeance.

Click that link up there to download it.  Just like our party, it's free.

10.  We'll be taking high-res pictures all night long.

Yeah, act all like you don't care, but we see you looking up those photos the next morning, making sure you look all good, posting on your wall, it's cool.

So, come party with us this Sunday, September 1 at Prana!  Party kicks off at 9 p.m.  For VIP/bottle service call 813-758-7755 or 813-241-4139.