Wearing a costume and transforming into someone else is ninety percent of the fun for juniors, teens, and adults. But, trying to find a unique outfit is the challenging part. The creativity part often stumps us making our decision about what to do for Halloween, quite tricky. Here are 13 clever last-minute DIY Halloween costumes ideas for inspiration!

1 The Unicorn ~ Using a pink tee shirt or tank top paired with a white bottom such as a pants or skirt from your wardrobe makes up the majority of this cute costume. Then go to your local Walmart and grab the following: 1 piece of cardstock, fabric glue, glitter glue or colored paint, temporary hair color spray, a thin ribbon roll. Fold the cardstock to create a cone shape, glue ribbon onto the cone so it can be tied around your chins. Decorate the cone to your liking with the colored paint or glitter glue. Finally, spray paint your hair and paint your face as desired and watch yourself become a real-life unicorn.

2 Queen of the Muertos (translation Dead) ~ Your white shirt and black skirt or pants are the base of this uber fun costume. You will also need the following: black and red silk flowers, headband, fabric glue, face paint Use sources like Pinterest to copy the face painting inspired by a skull. Complete your costume by attaching the silk flowers to the headband with the fabric glue and wear to appear like a crown. Now you too will look like the queen of the spookiest night of the year!

3 Box O’Popcorn ~ Be the treat on Halloween! Your choice of wearing either a white shirt and red pants or skirt. You can also wear a red and white vertical striped dress. Add a plain white baseball cap which can be found at any clothing shop like Target and a bag of popcorn. You will need fabric glue, and a spray paint finish. Glue as much popcorn as possible to the baseball cap. Lightly spray the paint finish over the popcorn to deter unwanted ants from your popcorn cap.

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4 Mr. Clean ~ Make a costume out of the cleanest man in the country. Bringing the man in the cleaning product to life is relatively simple. All you need is a white T-shirt, a white pair of pants and white face paint. If you’re not a bald-headed man, use a plain white baseball cap. Apply the white face paint over your brows. In completion to the costume, wear a pair white sneakers.

5 Shipwrecked ~ The only co-ed costume on our list of 13 clever last-minute Halloween DIY costume ideas is simple. Using old clothes you don’t care about damaging get a pair of scissors and cut up a T-shirt. shorter than normal. Sporadically cut additional holes into the shirt. Do the same by cutting the hems off your pants to fall about 3 inches above your ankles. Top the shirt with an old sleeveless blazer. Last, smear your face plus the clothes with a brown color face paint. Finish the look with a messy hairdo. As an option, hang an SOS handwritten sign over your neck and show your wrecked costume.

6 The Shadow ~ The only requirement for the shadow costume is black, on black, on more black. A black long sleeve shirt, black gloves, black pants or leggings, a beanie hat, face paint, black shoes and a glow necklace for safety. The purpose is to look like the dark shadow silhouette you find on the walls when only the back of your body is lighted. A great way to go unrecognized and spook your friends. Don’t forget to practice safety in the dark.

7 Stepford Wife-toon ~ A Heartbroken Stepford wife cartoon is made up of any solid color dress and an apron. Face paint is needed to create the cartoon effect makeup, you can copy from Pinterest or Google images by searching ‘comic book makeup.' Along with the face paint, you will need a black eyeliner to draw the lines as seen in comic book illustrations. Put on sensible shoes to walk or dance in this unique retro costume.

8 Gumball Machine ~ Let your glue gun go to work on a basic white shirt or a strapless top. Get plenty of multi-color pom poms from the craft store and glue at least 100-200 pom poms completely covering the front of the shirt. Combine the top with red pants, a black belt. On the belt buckle tape, a small card reading $.25 and finish with white sneakers. The gumball machine costume is always a sweet one.

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9 Agnes ~ If you’re a fan of the ‘Despicable Me’ children's’ movies. Becoming Agnes is perfect for you! You may already own a short denim overall/jumper plus a yellow and black striped T-shirt. Wear a pair of white converse sneakers to match this ensemble. Be sure to have a stuffed unicorn doll to carry, and become a complete Agnes decoy.

10 Dancing Girl Emojis ~ Grab a friend! To dress up as the symbol of celebration, you and your friend will need a black leotard or just a black top and shorts outfit. With a headband and 3-inch ribbon for each, found at the craft store. Make the largest black ribbon bow possible and glue onto the headband. Black flat shoes are a must to complete the look. You and your plus one will undoubtedly be the life of the Halloween party as the dancing girl emojis.

11 Christmas Starbucks ~ The infamous red holiday Starbucks cup that sparked controversy on social media is one of the easiest DIY costumes yet. Print the Starbucks logo on iron-on paper, then iron it to an oversized red T-shirt. Belt your shirt with beige felt fabric or a tan leather belt. It is optional to match the shirt with a pair of white leggings underneath.

12 The Night Owl ~ Make the night owl mask with a black mask, glue and tons of feathers. To wear the mask attach strings to the sides. Next, choose either a gray, black or brown dress or a top and leggings outfit. Add a feather belt if desired by gluing more feathers to a piece of felt fabric. Take it a step further by making feathered bracelets and ankle wrap, also by attaching feathers to the felt material. The night owl costume is a hoot! Also great for teens. 

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13 Bay Watch ~ Bring back the popular 90’s TV show easily. Try Amazon.com if you need to purchase a red one-piece swimsuit (tank style) or a bodysuit. Do get stencils and white fabric paint to apply the BAYWATCH letters onto the suit. Cover up the bottom half with denim cut off shorts. Accessorize the costume with a bomber jacket over the suit and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Better yet, go Pamela Anderson style if you want to purchase a blond wig to jazz up this lifeguard suit.

On the only night we'll take candy from a stranger; we hope you enjoy Halloween in one of our 13 Clever Last-Minute Halloween DIY Costume Ideas!  Visit Halloween in Tampa to learn about the parties, bars, and nightclubs hosting Halloween Events in Tampa for places to show off your DIY handiwork!