Last night this here website 813area threw a magnificent party at District Tavern to invite some of Tampa’s finest to join our Localite Program. Localites are people who are active in their local communities and will use 813area to engage with others via the platform to bring Tampa Bay closer together.

We celebrated the new meaning of local, and how our site can help you to be a local everywhere you go in this area. We had festive drinks from partners like St. Pete Distillery and Banyan like the Island Hopper, As Told By Ginger and Grandpa’s Soda. The Island Hopper was Old St. Pete Righteous Rum mixed with pineapple gum syrup, cacao nib and lime. The As Told by Ginger was Banyan Reserve mixed with ginger root, blanched strawberries, ginger beer and lime. Grandpa's Soda was Old St. Pete Whiskey mixed with cherry coke reduction orange mist and bitters. Each drink was paired with an appetizer. The Island Hopper went well with the shrimp shooter, The As Told by Ginger paired with the Southwest Chicken bowls and the Grandpa’s Soda was paired with the Tavern Shooter!

The most popular item of the night was the Tavern Shooter which was smoked gouda, brie, pancetta, arugula, caramelized onions on a toasted baguette with roasted tomato bisque. District Tavern sells them during lunch and dinner hours, and they are delicious!

After a presentation about the program and where MyArea Network is heading as a company, six winners who got a variety of items in their goodie bags. We gave away plenty of bottles of Touch Vodka, 813area swag, some Women’s Final Four basketballs, and Tampa Bay Lightning swag.  

813area and MyArea Network are dedicated to helping everyone feel like a local. So how do we do this?

By getting people that are evangelists for the Bay as part of our Localite Program. From social media influencers and young professionals to locals that know where to be seen on any given weekend, we want people from different walks of life and social circles to join!.

Do you like doing fun things and going to local places in your city? Are you the go-to person for what to do on a Friday night? If you are then become a Localite with MyArea Network and reap the benefits of being in the know in your favorite city!

There are three levels of influencers: Resident, Trendsetter and VIP. Each reaps benefits from their different levels of knowledge about their local area. Once you reach the Trendsetter level you get two tickets to a local event monthly on 813area. VIP's receive two VIP tickets to an event of your choosing each month.

We want to encourage people who are active in their communities to join us in our mission to make everyone feel like a local, no matter how much time you’ve spent in a certain city!

Click here to become a Localite today!