Attention, foodies of Tampa: @ThisBabeEats is celebrating our love of food and taking pictures of it (we all know that phones eat first) with an Instagram Food Tour of our favorite city on Saturday, November 10!

This will be one tour you and your taste buds won't want to miss as popular food blogger Kiera Andrews has hand-picked some of the city's best eats for you to try including bites from Brew Bus Brewing, Nebraska Mini Mart, Taco Dirty, Soho Juice, Empamamas inside Armature Works, and Bake 'N Babes inside the Hall on Franklin.

Image courtesy of @ThisBabeEats on Instagram

Andrews will also be giving you tips and tricks on how to take pictures that are worth gaining 38.5K followers on Instagram. If you're aspiring to be a gourmet on the gram, you'll definitely want to take notes as she's built up an organic following of 40,000 foodies in four years between Tampa and Austin.

In addition to being a talented photographer, she's also passionate about bringing authentic content that she knows her followers will find both delicious and divine on camera.

“I would never post a picture if the food doesn’t taste good," says Andrews. "Your followers trust you and, therefore, they depend on your honesty about where to eat. People are passionate about food and would be upset with me if I told them to eat something that didn’t taste good. I don’t want that!”

Image courtesy of @ThisBabeEats on Instagram

During her Instagram Food Tour, Andrews will teach 30 of her most loyal followers all about posting their food on Instagram to get a record-breaking amount of likes. She emphasizes finding the right lighting and going out to eat at the right time of day.

“It really depends on the setup of the restaurant, like which side the windows are on and where the natural light is coming from. I always recommend using window lighting instead of artificial lighting and moving the subject around to find the best natural light," she says. "Artificial lighting is something I always try to avoid!"

If you want to become an Insta-celeb or world-class foodie, Andrews says you need to be passionate about food and photography. “This is something I would love to see become my main source of income, but, for now," she says, "I’m enjoying sharing my palette with others and hearing what they think of my favorite foods!”

Craving more? Keep scrolling for more tasty pics as well as Andrews' picks for her Instagram Food Tour in Tampa. 

Image courtesy of @ThisBabeEats on Instagram

@ThisBabeEats Favorite Tampa Food Spots

Best Pizza in Tampa

Ava Inspirato Italiano

Traditional. Handmade. Authentic. Just a few words to describe their inspired and imaginative Italian fare. It's food that takes you home!

Cappy's Pizzeria South

The original Cappy's that opened in 1995, they offer some of the best pizza in town with an extensive topping list and a choice between New York-Style and Chicago Deep Dish-Style.

Best Wings in Tampa

Nebraska Mini Mart

This outdoor restaurant and bar in Seminole Heights has @ThisBabeEats favorite wings in Tampa! 

Best Dessert in Tampa

Bake'n Babes

Bake' N Babes makes some of the best sleazy brownies in Tampa! They're so good that @ThisBabeEats says they're her favorite!

The Dessert Spot at Toffee to Go

The Dessert Spot at Toffee to Go is an intimate eatery where you can sit and enjoy coffee, ice cream, pies, pastries, cookies, scones, milkshakes, toffee, and more! @ThisBabeEats suggests the Dessert Bombs! 

Best Tacos in Tampa

Lolis Mexican Cravings

Authentic flavors from the heart of Mexico can be found right here in Tampa at Lolis Mexican Cravings.

Best Italian in Tampa

Bellas Italian Grille

Bella's Italian Cafe is located in Tampa's famous SoHo District. Bella's has been providing South Tampa with authentic Italian cuisine since 1986.

If you want to experience these local delicacies for yourself with Andrews, get your tickets now before they sell out because there are only 30 spots available on the Brew Bus and @ThisBabeEats' Instagram Food Tour of Tampa!

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Photos courtesy of @ThisBabeEats and restaurants listed