We all have some cowboy or cowgirl simmering deep within us. That invisible hand tugging at our spiritual bolo tie, inviting us to square dance to every catchy folk-inspired radio tune. This March 21st is your chance to release. Endeavor to your unconscious and pry out that uninhibited spirit of the ranch in its full, unbridled glory! Yank the yoke off of your office’s business-casual corporate-cacophony of calico slacks and TPS reports. Take your free time to the next level at Redneck Ball 2020, hosted by the D-10 Society -- the year’s biggest and best banger this side of the Bay.  

Just because you can’t show off at work or out on the town doesn’t mean that’s how it should always be. Perhaps you don’t know what your personal glass-brim is, in which case limit-testing can be a vital tool in personal growth. This sort of event is exactly that. Last year’s Ball was host to an array of characters in the best Dickie’s south of the Mason-Dixon. A couple of ranch-hands sported red solo cup costumes on the dance floor, complimented expertly by their brown-leather boots. Others arrived in their best herd-handling hand-me-downs that would make their older cousins proud. What will you bring to the Ball? 

The Redneck Ball is open to everyone aged 21+ as long as they are there to experience everything an event like this has to offer. In addition to the frat-party amounts of liquor, live music, a mechanical bull, hayride, and a variety of drinking games will be ongoing throughout the night, making sure you’ve always got something to do when you’re not flirting with the mighty fine looking cowpoke on the dance floor. 

The only thing you have to worry about is having the best night of the year -- and the ticket price. Online Early Bird pricing starts at $35 each and the at-the-door ticket price will be $50 plus tax. Tickets are on sale now and all funds raised by the Redneck Ball will be donated to Starting Right Now, a charity providing a stable home and one-on-one mentoring for disadvantaged youths right here in the Tampa/St. Pete area. 

The D-Society is a diverse group of individuals whos focus is to make the community better. They host a series of fun and exciting charity events, including a Gasparilla After Party and the Redneck Ball every year.