Accessible. Affordable. Personable. Professional.

These are just some of the adjectives used to describe Georgetown Wesleyan University of the Americas high quality programs and staff.

Georgetown Wesleyan University of the Americas (GWUA) provides a global educational experience in a supportive learning environment that encourages students to discover and develop their most precious resource - their potential.

An Experienced, Friendly Faculty

At GWUA, students from a myriad of diverse backgrounds are led by a highly successful and incredibly helpful team of university professors, healthcare managers, public health managers, business and governmental leaders, and educators in executive leadership, management development, human resource management, training and education - and all of this is available at one’s fingertips, all on the web!

The faculty not only has high academic degrees, but also practical skills in areas covered in the programs.

“Unlike many traditional colleges, our professors have real-world experience, so you will be learning more than just theory from a textbook,” GWUA President Shelton Wood explains.

GWUA also provides opportunities for individuals all over the world to take advantage of our cohort programs which allows small groups to work together in a team like atmosphere.

“Many students in online programs report that they actually have more interaction with peers and professors than in a traditional classroom setting,” President Wood notes.

“Through online chat rooms, forums and e-mail, you are always in contact with fellow students and with responsive professors who are dedicated to your success.”

Work Online, At Your Own Pace - Perfect for Working Professionals, Anywhere in the World!

In addition to professionalism, the staff also is very helpful and understanding of, as President Shelton mentions, “when ‘life’ happens.”

“Let's face it,” he admits, “sometimes it's just not possible to go back to school full-time when you have family and ministry responsibilities. All of our courses are offered online, via the Internet, so you can work on your own time schedule and at your own pace.”

“You can be sure that you won't be dropped from a course or program,” he continues. “You can pick up where you left off and keep moving ahead toward your goal.”

President Shelton also understands the needs of GWUA’s many working professionals.

“At GWUA we are committed to helping working professionals further their education without having to leave their current occupations or ministry assignments,” he reasons, making GWUA a remarkable option for those who want to gain an education but have limited time or are unable to move from the Caribbean or other parts of the world with limited access to education.

Accessibility was, and still is, something the founders and professors of GWUA are extremely enthusiastic about.

Their goal always has been to take “their passion to another level by making secondary education accessible to the Caribbean and the world”; considering their stellar reputation amongst such a diverse student body, it would appear their goal has produced significant results.

Programs Perfect for You...

  • GWUA offers a wide variety of degrees, including Master’s degrees in:
  • Christian Counseling
  • School Guidance and Counseling
  • General Counseling
  • Christian Counseling and Psychology

GWUA also offers a Doctorate degree in Ministry (DMin), a Doctorate of Philosophy, and also a litany of training and certification programs through their Center of Individual Excellence, which aims to “design and to deliver short-course programs to enhance organizational improvement and personal growth towards excellence.”

A “Higher” Calling

GWUA notes that its dynamic mission includes:

  • providing affordable, high-quality graduate and post-graduate education for men and women actively engaged in Christian service
  • challenging students through critical thinking, research and writing to develop a sound biblical worldview and hermeneutic and to express them clearly to the contemporary culture
  • equipping Christians to use their intellect, skills and gifts in building up the Body of Christ, engaging and reaching the greater world, and ministering to the varied physical, spiritual and emotional needs of their fellow human beings

Accessible, affordable, personable, professional - Georgetown Wesleyan University of the Americas has it all right at your fingertips!

Begin your journey toward reaching your full potential today! Visit GWUA’s website by clicking here!

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