Cross Bay Ferry, a stunning 98 feet long and 33 feet-wide vessel, is here to give you an exciting sixth-season experience. It began on October 19th at 4:45 PM and runs until May 2023. 

And now that the Cross Bay Ferry season is here with us, there are several things travelers should know!

Who is Sponsoring Cross Bay Ferry's Sixth Season?

Several sponsors are making sure that you enjoy the ferry ride this season. Hillsborough County is on the first line, being the leading governmental sponsor of the season. Other event sponsors you might need to know are; the City of Petersburg, the City of Tampa, and the Florida Department of Transportation.

Cross Bay Ferry Season Aim

The first purpose of the ferry bay season is to demonstrate passenger ferry technology. It will operate a new 149-seat passenger catamaran in different scenarios and markets. For the first few weeks of the season, you will enjoy an initiative, 'Test the Waters', which will be a free exploration and ride for both business groups and individual citizens.

Another aim of the ferry ride is to relieve roadway congestion this Christmas season and boost local businesses' commerce. Furthermore, as a resident or visitor, you can experience fast, fun, and affordable transport from downtown St Pete to downtown Tampa.

Services and Schedule at Cross Bay Ferry Season

If you visit Tampa Bay, you may be just in time for the ferry season. The sixth ferry season will operate for a maximum of six months, for an extra month of service. In addition, there is a different daily schedule allowing you to enjoy late evening runs.

As we have seen above, Cross Bay Ferry offers water transportation and service options to residents and businesses; hence you can travel alone or with a group. While on the ferry, enjoy limited food services, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and other available beverages. The option is available at the full-service bar, among different beers and mixed drinks if you prefer a glass of wine to coffee.

Tickets Cost

If you are looking forward to enjoying Cross Bay Ferry Season, you will need a few dollars for the ride. You will need to pay $12 for a one-way trip as an adult. If you are a senior or youth between 5-18, the charges drop to $8 for a one-way journey and drop further to $5 for people on wheelchairs that are accessible for travelers below four years of age. Experience the fun - book your ride today!