In celebration of Halloween this year, Friends of the Riverwalk is hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt that's perfect for the whole family.  

The event runs October 17-November 1 and will give everyone a chance to explore the Tampa Riverwalk and compete with friends and family to receive the HalloWinner title. 

The Riverwalk Halloween Hunt is for anyone looking to have some fun while staying safe and socially distanced. The scavenger hunt can be played by individuals, teams, and families of all ages. Work alone or together through various puzzles and riddles to solve the Halloween themed activities and explore the beautiful Tampa Riverwalk while doing so. 

The event is completely free, but to participate you will need to download the app. The QR code for the scavenger hunt will need to be scanned, but it won’t be provided until October 17th, the first day of the event. The QR code can be found on signage along the riverwalk, at local businesses in Downtown Tampa, or on the Friends of the Riverwalk website

“Halloween is sure to be different this year for many families throughout Tampa Bay,” said MaryBeth Williams, executive director of Friends of the Riverwalk, the nonprofit organization which activates events along the Tampa Riverwalk. “We created Riverwalk Halloween Hunt to provide a safe alternative in these uncertain times to celebrate Halloween in a unique way that the whole family can enjoy. We’re looking forward to the fun!”   

Get into the Halloween spirit, show off your skills while exploring the Tampa Riverwalk, and stay safe and socially distanced too! 

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