Summer is coming to a close, and we'll soon be staring Labor Day down, but don't lose hope. It's an endless summer at Beach Bar & Restaurant, where they defeat those early week blues with new Namaste Mondays and Drag Bingo Tuesdays!

I think we all agree Mondays suck, but Beach Bar is going to the mat to brighten your day - the yoga mat, that is. 

Beach Bar features Sunset Yoga on the Pier, every Monday at 6:30 pm. Enjoy an enervating and stress-busting vinyasa class overlooking the tranquil waters of Tampa Bay and a simply stunning view of our world-famous sunsets for $5, or pay $10 for Yoga and beer.

Studies show that the physical practice of yoga, called asanas, and the yogic breath work known as pranayama has a vast array of beneficial effects on the human body. Also, everyone looks good in yoga pants!

After cleansing your soul with the magic of yoga, give your mind a treat with the magic of Margarita Mondays. Tasty, ice cold margaritas are only $3, all day Monday at Beach Bar & Restaurant

The margarita is an ancient elixir becoming popular in the United States shortly after Prohibition.  Legend has it that the drink was named after the beautiful daughter of the German Ambassador to Mexico. However it came to be named, it's an entirely refreshing beverage after a session of Sunset Yoga at the Pier.

Tuesday nights in Tampa rise to new heights with Beach Bar's addition of Drag Bingo!


Every Tuesday evening from 7 pm - 9 pm meet #tampafamous Miss McGee, Creative Loafing's recent pick for Best Local Drag Performer to play bingo on the beach. 

Miss McGee never fails to get us shook with her stunning new looks, sporting some of the best hairdos not seen since hair metal bands of the late 80's. 

Miss McGee is certainly enough to please anyone but to further blow your Tuesday night out of the water; there will be special appearances by many favorite area performers, such as sultry Latina goddess, the Lady Janet, bearded hottie Adriana Sparkle, and artistic diva, Kaotica Divine. Tuesday night at Beach Bingo features a $6 Toast vodka and Red Bull, light up the night and have some fun this Tuesday at Beach Bar & Restaurant

Located on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, adjacent to the Bay Harbor Hotel, Beach Bar is our cure for those beginning-of-the-week doldrums. Get off your duff, and get fabulous at Namaste Mondays and Drag Bingo Tuesdays at Beach Bar in Tampa this week - and be sure to register on to stay connected to all of Tampa's hottest, hippest happenings!