Bloody Mary! What was the first thing that popped into your head?  If your inner child is still there you probably thought, “Don’t look into a mirror and say it three times or SHE will show up and that would be very bad!”  We are going to guess your first thought was not, "Oh yes, the good ole' Bloody Mary, low in sugar, high in vitamin C, loaded with Potassium and Vitamin A".  Certainly, you did not think 'Lycopene', basher of cancer cells! Or did you?  If you did, you know 'Bloody Mary' the drink is all that and more and have already planned for a little healthy Sunday fun at the 2017 Tampa Bay Bloody Mary Festival, June 25th at the beautiful Tampa Garden Club on Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa!

Here's Why You Should Have Some Good Healthy Sunday Fun at the Bloody Mary Fest Too!

A typical 8 ounces of Bloody Mary weighs in at a low 130 calories, so yeah, we can toast to better health knowing we are getting an antioxidant boost from a nutrient rich drink along with some protein and fiber too depending on the garnish!   The fiber is essential to a healthy gut and boosts your immune system while the antioxidants found in tomatoes helps fight against cancerous cell formation and other diseases. Horseradish is filled with glucosinolates which can increase the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens and as new studies emerge, possibly slow the growth of existing tumors. Did you know, lowly horseradish has 10 times more glucosinolates than broccoli?   

As a good source of potassium doctors agree, a Bloody Mary can count as one of your five-a-day!  So when you find yourself at one of the 50 Best Bloody Mary Bars Found in Tampa think fruit, fiber and protein when picking your garnishes. A good Bloody Mary is a salad in a glass that tastes good going down! Obviously, if you make it a Virgin Mary it’s even better for you, but, where’s the fun in that!  The potassium in a Bloody Mary makes it a go-to morning-after cure when you need a little hair of the dog that bit ya, but science proves a Bloody Mary is so much more! 

Sunday, June 25th you can try unlimited samples of this iconic drink guilt free from several competitors vying for your votes at the 2017 Tampa Bay Bloody Mary Festival. Pre-sale tickets are $30 | Early $35| Advance $40 | Regular $45. Buy now! General Admission Tickets allow you to enjoy unlimited samples of Bloody Mary's from participating restaurants and one full-sized drink of your choice at the event.  

Wanna be a VIP?  Pre-sale VIP Brunch tickets are $75 | Early $80 | At the gate if there any left,  $90.  The VIP Experience at the Tampa Bay Bloody Mary Festival adds a sumptuous Brunch to your Sunday Fun with unlimited full size Bloody Mary's & Mimosas.

The Details:

  • The Venue is large, open spaces with plenty of shade trees and places to sit, relax and enjoy the view
  • Doors open at 11:00 am, the party is over at 3:00 pm
  • The competition is tight, the Bloody Marys are creative and tasty!
  • Look for fun activities like cornhole, giant Jenga and much more     
  • Additional food & drinks including Mimosas and Beer can be purchased separately at the event.  
  • You can bring Small Bags and backpacks, low back folding chairs only and blankets
  • Umbrellas or rain ponchos
  • The Festival is 21 and up only, no children will be admitted
  • You can bring leashed pets! 

There are many variations of the Bloody Mary but all of them are based on a basic recipe cemented long ago. To learn more about the history behind the Bloody Mary check out: The Antidote & The Poison and plan on spending Sunday the 25th at the 2017 Tampa Bay Bloody Mary Festival, buy your tickets today by clicking on the link, then the 'Tickets" button.

If you enjoyed reading this you might also like: Best Bloody Mary Bars Found in Tampa | Top 50 and looking at photos from the 2015 and 2016 Bloody Mary Festivals - look for our photographers in the crowd, they often have special deals to hand you and will take your picture for FREE! Make every weekend special and plan on spending your Sunday Funday at Tampa's largest and best Bloody Mary Fest! Will the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina hold on to it's Golden Celery award this year? The competition is always close because every business represents, their Bloody Mary's are super creative and unbelievably tasty. It's always difficult to choose, but hey, someone has to do it...why not you!