By: Andrew Silverstein

If you're feeling particularly, err, randy, or maybe just a little crazed in Tampa during these hot summer months, a burlesque show is just the thing you need to satisfy that wild side.

Luckily Tampa's newest burlesque troop, The Hellcats will gladly provide with an all-out live performance at the Tampa Pitcher Show on July 22nd.

Burlesque shows have been around in America since the 1860's and typically act as blend of different performances mixing dancing, singing, comedy, satire, and drama into one variety show.  Girls are typically scantily clad during the performance or donned in colorful, over the top costumes.  The attitude is raunchy, funny, maybe even a little insightful, but even so, definitely leave junior at home for this one.

The Tampa Pitcher Show definitely isn't your ordinary movie theater either.  This independently-operated theater offers a full bar as well as an extensive food menu perfect for enjoying while you watch the show.

Admission is $10 at the door, but get there early as they sold out pretty quick the last time around.  If this sounds cool, head out there and show your support!

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