No need to drive all the way to San Fran to be a MythBuster, because this weekend the experiments are coming to you! MOSI now has a new exhibit that will be running from February 7th - May 8th-- MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.

If you’re not already familiar with MythBusters, it is a show that pushes the boundaries and takes an extreme approach on busting myths, as the name suggests.

Get ready for exciting live demonstrations, challenges, and hands on experiments that you will get to participate in! Some myths that you’ll get to debunk include but are not limited to blind driving, the infamous superhero change, and dodging a bullet. While these all sound intense, they are all totally safe, modified, and kid friendly—without sucking out all the fun, that is.

There’s something truly magical about walking into a museum where your thoughts morph into real life, and where the science behind it can be easily explained. Whether you’re a science buff or not, and whether you’re a fan of the show, this event will have an enjoyable activity for all and is perfect for a family outing.

On Thursday February 6th from 4pm-7pm, there will be a preview event where guests will be able to view a special sneak preview of the exhibition. They will also be able to meet the host of the popular show, Kari Byron. She will talk about the exhibit, and there will be a meet and greet in which guests can get autographs and pictures.

MOSI is open from 9am-5pm on weekdays and 9am-6pm on weekends. Make sure to get there early so you have plenty of time to browse through this unique experience. Ticket prices are $24.95 for adults, $21.95 for seniors, and $19.95 for children. There are also combo packages available. You can check out all the details on pricing on their website.