By: Andrew Silverstein

There's no question that Tampa plays host to a slew of great concerts throughout the summer and all year round.  Just when we thought our summer line-up was complete though, the Rock Allegiance Tour will throw us another bone when it comes to the Hawaiian Village on Labor Day, September 5th.

What's the Rock Allegiance Tour? Only a concert featuring some of the top alternative rock bands of the past few years - Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, and P.O.D. just to name a few - rocking out at the Hawaiian Village while you listen along and party with some of your Tampa neighbors.

In addition to these main bands, other acts including Red, Crossfade, and Drive A will be playing throughout the day.  7 bands in one convenient concert; not too bad.

So, you'd expect to pay something like 60, maybe 70 bucks to see this many huge bands in such an intimate setting right?  Try a little under $30 for individual, general admission tickets.  That's around 4 bucks per band.  You'd have to pay more just to download the tracks they'd play at the show on your computer.  Not only that, but Hawaiian Village pretty much shares the premises with Green Iguana Stadium, meaning you don't have to stand with your arms folded, staring at the stage the whole concert.  You can go dine on their wide variety of delicious grub, grab some drinks, relax, and get back to the action if you so please.

A big Labor Day Party and mega-concert all in one?  That's what we call winning, Tampa Bay.  Stay tuned here at for more details on the Rock Allegiance Tour.