By: Andrew Silverstein

The food truck's been a culinary trend sweeping across large, U.S. cities over the past years.  These often cleverly-titled mobile kitchens cruise around their respective cities and post up at spots during peak hours to serve up their fare.

A lot of these food trucks, though, are hardly the low-quality, basic hamburger/hotdog fare you'd expect at a your run of the mill street side stand.  Many are actually run by experienced chefs churning out contemporary, inventive delicacies for their respective locales.

We've even got a few in Tampa definitely worth your while.  Conveniently enough, they'll all congregate at the Tampa Food Truck Rally on September 24.

Beginning at 11 a.m. in the parking lot of the Hyde Park Presbyterian Church (1309 W. Swann Ave.), the Tampa Food Truck Rally will offer an assortment of live entertainment, food trucks and fun for kids and adults alike.

Parking will be available at the Hyde Park Village parking garage across the street.

Sponsored by Tasting Tampa and 352 Media, the Tampa Food Truck Rally will highlight the growing assortment of food trucks in the Tampa Bay Area.  Enjoy a mind-bending sandwich from Wicked 'Wiches, feast on classic Cuban fare from Michelle Faedo’s famous Deviled Crab & Cubans, chow down at 3 Ballers Traveling Bistro, and fare from many more trucks to come.

Mark it down on the calendar; the Tampa Food Truck Rally, September 24 at Hyde Park Presbyterian in Hyde Park.