When you are a kid you feel it, it's like a vibration in the air, summer is FINALLY here!  It's the time of miracles when anything can happen and fun is at the center of every activity. A time when the focus is watermelons, Popsicles, swimming and fireworks, not homework, reading, writing and math!  Any learning you do over the summer has the sweet added ingredient of 'amusement'.  Living where we do, the official arrival of summer means swimming for most kids. In home and community pools, and at the beach, swimming is central to life on the Gulf Coast. As a parent you want to be sure your child is a strong swimmer, confident and safe around the water when they are with you and more importantly, when they are not!  So why not kick off this summer with a variety of family-friendly activities designed by Safe Kids Greater Tampa and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital to equip kids with the information they need to make smart choices! Ground Zero for these fun, free activities is KidX Club where X Marks the Spot for Kid's Summer Fun in Tampa this year, and it's FREE!

X Marks the Spot for Kid's Summer Fun in Tampa with KidX Club at Westshore Plaza

What Is It?

KidX Kid’s Club is Westshore Plaza's new kid-club where children come together to enjoy FREE activities designed to inspire them to explore their world, mature and learn in a healthy environment.  “X” marks the spot for KidX members. Whether it’s expressing themselves through art, exploring a kids safety fair, or engaging in fun fitness activities, KidX brings it!  On June 18th the focus will be learning about water safety, physical fitness, exercise and more. On the 22nd of June and July 20th  children of all ages can learn about safe summer choices through interactive games, giveaways, fitness activities, entertainment and a few surprises!
If they like to sing-and-dance they can perform with local entertainer Mr. Tommy's Mobile Music Bus for Kids or play and create with Lego-themed fun from Bricks4Kids. If they prefer art, they can get crafty with Learning Express Toys of South Tampa or enjoy play time fun with the folks from Fit4Mom Tampa Bay. If they get hungry, Chick-Fil-A will be in the house!
What's the Cost?                       

WestShore Plaza’s KidX Club is a free program created to encourage children to be creative, socialize, have fun, and play the old-fashioned way while learning how to take care of their health and make good choices. KidX promotes inspiration, exploration, experience and excellence.
The Details:

  • X Marks the Spot Kick-Off is Saturday, June 18, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Summer Fun is Wednesday, June 22, and July 20, from 10 a.m. to noon 
  • Look for kidX at WestShore Plaza in the Center Court
  • The cost is FREE
  • KidX is hosted by WestShore Plaza and it's 120 retail stores
  • For more information, please call (813) 286-0790

Invite your child to explore, experience and evolve as a member of KidX Club this year and give them a great springboard, as they meet inspiring people, learn important lessons and grasp the importance of taking care of themselves and the world around them. Call today!