One of my favorite things to do is wear unconventional outfits to the rounds of Halloween parties thrown during Halloween in Tampa. I’ve been one to chuckle at costumes you have to think about, I’ve even made a few myself! Here are 10 of my Pun-niest Halloween costume ideas. I've ordered them from most time needed to construct to the easiest Halloween costume to make.

Have Halloween Fun with these Pun-ny Costumes

Pizza Party: At the fabric store, get colors of felt such as red, light brown, yellow, green and a large piece of brown felt or fabric. The brown strip of material could be cut into a large diamond shape, then folded in half to look like a triangle, cut a half circle at the fold making it into a poncho. Use the remaining colored felt could be cut into shapes of toppings, such as red being cut into small circles as pepperoni, light brown being made into mushroom shapes, yellow as cheese, and green as bell peppers! With the work of either fabric glue or a hot glue gun, adhere the toppings onto one side of your poncho, add a paper party hat to the top of your head, maybe a party favor noise maker and alas, you are a Pizza Party.

Hawaiian Punch: First step is finding a grass skirt and a plastic lei from the party supply store. The hard part of this costume is probably finding a set of boxing gloves to toss across your shoulders like you’re walking into the next boxing championship, you might need to look at sporting goods stores or online for this. Add the two together; you’re ready to take on the next round of juice boxes at the party!

Burger King: At the store, purchase a crown—or if you’re feeling ambitious, going to an actual Burger King franchise and ask for one of their paper crowns.  Find a plain tee shirt and like the Pizza Party outfit find various colors of felt to cut and construct into hamburger buns, lettuce, tomato, and other components of your burger. Either fabric glue or hot glue your burger onto your shirt layer by layer and then add the two parts together to have it your way. If you can draw, grab fabric pens and draw the burger on your shirt!

Dunkin’ Donuts: Summer might be over, and your floaties hidden somewhere in the back of the storage closet, but if you happen to have the famous donut pool ring, you’re one step away from having a fun costume. Next, find your favorite basketball jersey—or ask your friend who hasn’t missed March Madness in the past five years! Accessorizing with sweatbands on your head and wrists and a casual pair of sneakers, you’re set to style as Dunkin’ Donuts!

Candy (W)rapper: While wearing a hoodie and tee shirt, add long candy necklaces around your neck, some Ring Pops onto your fingers, and come up with a rapper's set of lines about your favorite childhood candy to as you transform into the greatest Candy (W)rapper of all time!

Party Animals: In a group, it might be hard to find a costume that can accommodate all your friends. Don’t fret because, with a pack of party hats, a few variations of animal ears and some face paint, you all are the rowdiest set of Party Animals out there this Halloween!

Sugar Mama/Sugar Daddy: It’s time to break out the mom and dad jeans! Next, go to the grocery store and grab a 5-pound bag of sugar. Depending on how you want to carry your sugar baby, you could either get a long cloth scarf to swaddle your sweetie onto your body in a sling or invest in a baby carrier. Tah-Dah! You’re now a sugar mama/daddy!

Iced Tea: Get a plain tee shirt and use some acrylic paint or marker to put a large letter “T” on the shirt. Next, either make bling out of aluminum foil or find actual bling, add to your look by adding “diamond” or “platinum” rings, a thick necklace, and all the shiny, sparkly things needed to look iced out for Halloween this year!

Dr. Pepper: A simple costume, first buy a pair of scrubs. Next, make a name tag with the name “Pepper, MD” to attach onto the lapel of the scrubs. Got to love an outfit that didn’t take four years of medical school to make!

Nickelback: Rustle up some change found in the cup holder of your car or at the bottom of your bag, grab a nickel and a shirt. Hot glue the nickel on the back of the shirt and you’re now sporting a band shirt.

I hope you were inspired and found a useable idea, Halloween in Tampa brings with it plenty of events and parties! Register on to stay connected to all the fun taking place in your area and articles like 10 of my Pun-niest Halloween Costume Ideas. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like: 10 Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas,  Great Ideas for Prolific Halloween Party Costumes and  Halloween Makeup How-To | Feeling inept at that kind of thing? 

Cover photo by Arvin Febry