The Podcast Network continues with Dishonorable Mention Episode 2. If you missed us last week, we released "The 5 W's" pilot episode and the first full serial episode discussing the Tampa Mayoral Race, Govenor DeSantis, the State Fair and much more. Now that you have a taste of what this podcast has to offer, here is Episode 2. This episode represents the diversity of the podcast, asking the hard hitting questions and opining on possible solutions while also going off the rails and pivoting to a food blog.

Topics discussed include:

  • 0:20: K-12 Education system in the State of Florida. Public, Private, and Charter.
  • 14:03: Can comedy go too far when it comes to politics and current events? Should there be boundaries for comedians?
  • 21:38: Are we becoming too sensitive as a society? 
  • 27:25: We go off the rails and pivot to a food pod! We ask the hosts if they were on death row, what would be their last meal? With the optional question of how you got to that point in the first place.
  • 35:16: Becca asks the other hosts If they could run and successfully be elected to any official position what would it be?
  • 39:06: The hosts fantasize about their dream destination around the world.

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