By: Sally Baker

Every Friday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm, a selfless group of people called The Bayshore Patriots, Inc. gather along Bayshore Boulevard outside MacDill AFB to showcase patriotism and support of our troops.  Waving flags and cheering the troops leaving base, these folks inspire and encourage in a way that most have not.  Sometimes we wonder just what we can do and how to help our troops, and it can be acts like these, giving a small amount of time during the week to give friendly waves and a cheer of thanks.

A simple "good job" from your boss at work can boost your spirits, and the Bayshore Patriots are that lifting support and kind of 'pat on the back' that helps lifts the spirits of those that have given so much for us so that we can stand freely on Bayshore Boulevard to say thank you.

When joining the Bayshore Patriots on Fridays, you will see people of all ages, civilians, veterans, families, pets and more.  Everyone is different with a different story, but all have come for the same purpose... To encourage and support our country, the constitution, its freedoms, laws and all those who uphold them.

So this Friday, give a little bit of your time and join the incredible and selfless group of individuals that make up this amazing group.  You are encouraged to bring a flag, wear anything from a supportive military uniform to the country's colors of red, white and blue.  Bring your family, friends, co-workers or pets, but most importantly, bring your support!