Dishonorable Mention is gearing up to hit the road to Tally with a bunch of guests lined up, so this week we have a special "who's who" episode of the pod. What started out as a mini-sode turned into a full-blown Q&A round-table. Get to know the hosts, their backgrounds, and what they like about this podcast!

  • 0:42: Special Episode of DM. Get to know the hosts!
  • 1:29: Communications expert and PR Unicorn Dr. Karla Mastracchio!
  • 9:49: State Representative Chris Latvala. Politics and TV Production?
  • 13:46: Chris talks his father, Senator Jack Latvala.
  • 16:35: How has Chris managed staying humble once being elected to office?
  • 17:17: Community Activist Becca Tieder. What does it mean to be a community activist? What does the future hold?
  • 30:01: What is Becca’s favorite College Campus? Size does matter (on campuses that is.)
  • 30:11: Tampa Bay Times Columnist Ernest Hooper! What got you into journalism?
  • 37:45: What is the favorite thing you’ve ever written? What is the best?
  • 43:55: Roundtable final thoughts! (We’re just a bunch of whacky Thespians sitting around a table.)

Dishonorable Mention is hitting the road this weekend to Tallahassee. With a bunch of guests lined up, and being at the capitol, are there any questions you have for the hosts? Any points, policies, or issues you'd like the Mentions to mention? Reach out and comment on our social media sites! Dishonorable Mention is on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram or leave a comment below.

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And as always; stay active, stay diligent, stay Florida!