The Podcast Network continues with Dishonorable Mention Episode 4. This episode had so much content we split it into two segments, be sure to stay tuned and subscribe so you don't miss the continuation in Episode 5. 

Topics discussed include:

  • 0:40: Tampa Mayoral Race! It’s runoff time. Jane Castor, David Straz, who ya got?
  • 7:17: Chris’ Child Welfare Reform Bill passed its first committee. He talks about it here.
  • 10:53: State Legislature files possible bill mandating each school district offer a course on the Bible. Thoughts!
  • 16:33: The State House Budget will be released in the next week. Thoughts on an expansion on the school voucher program.
  • 19:28: More news from Tallahassee, this time from Governor Ron Desantis. Smokable Medical Marijuana! What took so long?
  • 22:52: Governor Desantis’ State-of-the-State Address.
  • 34:12: Michael Jackson and R-Kelly; can you separate the art from the artist? How do these examples compare to recent actors and artists? Where is the line?
  • 45:41: If you could see one musician perform living or dead who would it be?

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