The Podcast Network continues with Dishonorable Mention Episode 6, which spans multiple topics locally, regionally, and nationally from the Mueller Report to the Kardashians.


  • 1:43: First reaction to the Mueller Report being finished. With no more indictments recommended can collusion be put to bed? Is there more to come? How much will be released and is this a win or loss for the Democrats?
  • 4:55: We welcome the newest President of the University of South Florida System, Dr. Steve Curall to Tampa! The hosts opine on the process, the selection, and the relationship with the State Legislature. Is the transparency outrage warranted?
  • 13:47: On to Tallahassee. The School Safety Commission introduces a bill pertaining to classroom teachers being eligible to volunteer for the Guardian Program; deputizing those volunteers in the event of an active shooter event. What are the details? Does adding guns into a school setting actually make our schools safer? What more can be done? Are there provisions in the bill for Private and Charter Schools? Representative Latvala breaks it down and the hosts debate. Chris and Becca agree on something so you don't want to miss this discussion!
  • 40:11: The Florida Man Game! The hosts google "Florida Man" with their birthdays and discuss who wins! 

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