Episode 9 of 813area.com Podcast Network's Dishonorable Mention is here! The hosts flex their true crime muscles and discuss their favorite stories from the week.

  • 0:42: Intros and Becca introduces a fund raiser helping Little League kids pay for entry fees and equipment so they can play baseball.
  • 4:52: The pod talks about the Lightning’s 2-0 deficit to the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round after winning 62 games in the regular season. This was recorded Sunday morning and prior to Game 3; and somehow it got worse.
  • 9:12: Karla talks about her love for true crime.
  • 11:22: The great Ernest Hooper appeared in the true crime show Blood Relatives?! Here’s a link to him IMDB Page!
  • 18:04: Biggest true crime story in Tampa Bay Area history?
  • 21:04: An article in the this week's Tampa Bay Times discussing various crime issues and bills in Tallahassee. Representative Chris Latvala explains.
  • 27:00: Hillsborough County passed a tax to better fund public schools, the Speaker is proposing a bill to share the money with Charter Schools. The hosts discuss.
  • 33:49: Becca says something nice about Governor Ron DeSantis! Are there varying perceptions on the same action if done by a Democrat vs Republican?
  • 37:00: An SRO in Port St. Lucie body slams an eleven year old; is this justified regardless of context?
  • 44:27: The hosts are taking a visit to Tallahassee, and Chris has a whole bunch of guests lined up.
  • 46:25: Chris explains what Schools of Hope are and charter schools vs. traditional public schools. Is there a larger issue when schools fail? Are charter schools sustainable? Do public schools need more assistance? 
  • 57:15: Vinyl Record Day was on Saturday, what was your first or favorite record that you purchased? The hosts chime in, and you can let us know in the comments or on social media!

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