The 813area Podcast Network releases Ralph The Lawyer, Episode 2 recorded right from the offices of McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi, Guito, & Matthews P.A. Ralph brings in two lawyers from the firm to discuss a very intricate case from Ohio that may have far reaching implications for future cases. 

  • 0:14: Ralph dives into another deep issue; what constitutes life and unborn life? Lawyers Shawn Simon and Pete Hobson discuss what is legal also being political and theological springing from a case from Cleveland, Ohio.
  • 3:32: What happened in Ohio? The guys analyze a lawsuit based on frozen embryos being lost in a facility and what causes of action can arise from this? 
  • 10:13: Ralph gets down to the nitty-gritty; at what point do a person’s faith and belief come into interpretation of the law and science? Battle between law, science, and belief? 
  • 15:19: What is the ruling in Ohio and what are the state's laws pertaining to this case? How do those differ from Florida state laws?
  • 20:03: When is an unborn child a human being for purposes of rights being established? Rights of the father? Rights of privacy? What does state law say? 
  • 25:24: What are the causes of action at play? What is the characterization of the loss? 
  • 28:50: Legal definition of conception and constitutional rights of the mother. 
  • 32:13: Is this negligent infliction of emotional distress? 

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