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Review for wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111 30 April 2016
Pros: Great food, drinks and people.
Cons: Parking can be expensive but they are located right along the Riverwalk so you can always check them out the next time you are exploring Downtown!
Comments: Champions is not your typical hotel bar. It's a hotspot for both the traveling tourist and the local fan of sports, good food and drinks. I had not been to Champions since my friend who lived on Harbour Island moved away. I even worked right near there ..
Review for wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111 24 April 2016
Pros: Great food, reasonable price, fun energic atmosphere. Fast casual dining.
Cons: Loud but they do have outdoor seating and a quite room if you do get there before rush.
Comments: This new place that just opened in Brandon is quite amazing. I will certainly be back to Portillo's!
Review for wrote by Carlyn
Rating: 11111 14 April 2016
Pros: It's in an eclectic shopping village.
Cons: none.
Comments: I love this bakery / restaurant. You can eat inside or out on the patio, enjoy a killer Bloody Mary and grab cronuts from the bakery on the way out.
Review for wrote by Carlyn
Rating: 11111 14 April 2016
Pros: There is outside seating now, I can walk my dog up to the bar and get a beer!
Cons: Parking was always an issue, till Jeff resolved it, you can use The Salvationa Army lot after 6:30 pm.
Comments: Love this Beef's. It is a neighborhood bar for us. We've been patrons since they opened way back when. They have gone through several managers, but the guy they have now, Jeff, he has done wonders!
Review for wrote by Tommy
Rating: 11111 06 April 2016
Pros: On the beach setting with great music!
Cons: I got beat in a game of volleyball on the beach.
Comments: Mahi Mahi Tacos are great and they have this coconut drink that is in the coconut - AMAZING. You can eat the coconut when you finish drinking it as a bonus.
Review for wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111
Pros: The food is by far the biggest pro at La Teresita. The flavor was good, the portions are fare and the price is affordable.
Cons: It can be a little confusing that you have a cafeteria separate from the dining room so if you are meeting friends, make sure you communicate exactly what part of the restaurant you are meeting.
Comments: Plenty of parking in the back of the restaurant. I suggest going to La Teresita at lunch and experience it again at dinner. The Sangria is very good but very sweet.