This Thursday local Taco Bus amigos face-off in an epic burrito-eating contest as they battle to be El Jefe!  April 6th, fame and glory will be earned one BIG bite at a time as someone is crowned Tampa's 2017 El Jefe Champion!

In celebration of National Burrito Day, Chef Rene Valenzuela, founder of The Taco Bus will present qualified patrons who successfully consumed an El Jefe (The Chief) burrito in less than 15 minutes at any one of his eight locations (new Taco Bus locations will be opening soon!).. Emails went out yesterday to El Jefe entrants to let them know their time qualified them for the Main Event this Thursday at The Taco Bus location at 913 East Hillsborough Avenue.
The final battle begins at 6 pm, where this year's Taco Bus El Jefe Champion will be awarded a custom championship belt and the title 2017 El Jefe Champion! And how fun, they do it competing with fresh, mouth-watering Mexican burritos!

Is it possible you’ve never been to a Taco Bus or experienced the epic El Jefe burrito? It is one of Taco Bus’s most prized menu items! Weighing nearly 2.5 pounds, the El Jefe is made with two tortillas, double rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. At The Taco Bus, you always receive a real Mexican street food experience.

Spotlight on Taco Bus (courtesy of Taco Bus)

Twenty years before the food truck trend was filling up hungry stomachs and cable-TV time slots, a converted school bus rolled into Tampa, bringing with it unforgettable Mexican food. The Taco Bus had arrived.

The Taco Bus had been the dream of Chef Rene for over 30 years. But don’t let the idea that they started in a bus fool you! Since 1996, Taco Bus has taken a colorful journey from humble roots.

Today, with his one-of-a-kind culinary experience, Chef Rene takes you on a trip to Mexican ‘Flavortown’ at each of his locations. Using traditional recipes from every region of Mexico, The Taco Bus provides authentic Mexican tastes prepared fresh every day in their custom kitchens. They offer daily specials, vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as gluten-free options.

How do they remain successful? Easy! Chef Rene and the good people of The Taco Bus haven’t forgotten whose passion for flavor made them famous: their loyal fans.

Head to The Taco Bus on Hillsborough this Thursday to watch the fun and satisfy your foodie palate with authentic Mexican street food! To learn about more fun things to do in Tampa Bay check out our Events Page!