Has life got you down? Are things coming at you too fast? Did you miss National Yoga Day last week like we did because things are too busy and you're overly stressed? Lets all take a deep breath and figure out the best places to do some yoga to both amp up your workout and slow down the mind.

Yoga has becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. The benefits are outstanding, the workout is incredible, and the outcome is immeasurable. As a former dancer, I sustained many an injury at a young age and yoga has become my saving grace. It is a mindful workout while also being low impact and easy on the joints. It keeps me out of physical therapy, and I'll be honest... a lot of what I learned there I use in my yoga practice on the regular, so why not try it for yourself? No excuses.

There are so many wonderful yoga studios in Tampa, but here are some of the most well-known and well-rated in the area. There is something for everyone,  whether you're looking for more of a fitness/exercise vibe or a more holistic and spiritual practice. These studios have all levels whether you're just starting out or whether you're looking to advance your skills. Some of these studios even offer teaching workshops, classes, and certifications if that is where your path leads. 

Bella Prana is one of the best-known Tampa yoga studios. The South Tampa location has over 35 instructors and offers 90 classes a week, such as hot yoga, typical flow of all levels, prenatal, kids classes, and everything in between from meditation to power hour. There are classes for veterans, athletes, and new moms, as well as programs and workshops to help teach how to deal with traumas both mental and physical. Bella Prana also offers yoga teacher training, with standard 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teaching certifications.
I've personally come in contact with this studio through their community outreach with the University of South Florida, working with dancers, athletes, and even the School of Music. Along with their college outreach, Bella Prana has classes which teach teens important life practices and social skills. Education is a big part of the studio's mantra, whether it be their students, teachers, or the community.
Bella Prana also holds events like yoga and painting classes, full moon healing circles, and  "Vino & Vinyasa" wine tastings after class. The wine is carefully selected to include extra antioxidants and less sulfites so it won't ruin all the work you just did. (Although it is free wine -- would we really care at that point?) They even have a workshop to help you build the perfect yoga/workout/relaxation playlist.
The Bella Prana yoga studio offers class packages and monthly memberships. If you are a new student, you can try unlimited classes for a month for $39 to test out everything they have to offer. So come kick off your shoes and put your best foot forward at Bella Prana

The Lotus Pond Center Yoga & Health

Phone 813-961-3160
If you're looking for a more holistic approach, The Lotus Pond Yoga Studio might be just the place for you. Tucked away in the Citrus Park area of North Tampa, it offers many yoga classes, from stress relief to strength and balance, and everything in between. Their practices are more specifically targeted to whatever it is you're trying to get out of it -- whether that be a workout of the body or a workout of the mind. They offer meditation, flow, and strength training, as well as classes to help you sleep better or de-stress.
The Lotus Pond holds classes and workshops that work with aligning the breath and chakras to really clear the mind, body, and spirit. There are even classes outside or with live music that help awaken certain senses and keep you in touch and grounded. They hold classes for all skill levels and offer prenatal classes as well as family classes. Like a few of the other studios, they also offer teacher training and certification training of all kinds.
The Lotus Pond even has on-site accommodations for maximum relaxation or convenience if you are there for classes and workshops. The studio offers out-of-town retreats and their annual Yogi Fest, which has all the classes and workshops you could ever want while also browsing vendors and listening to live music. Entry to Yogi Fest is free, and you can add unlimited classes for the day for just $20. The studio doubles as a healthcare center that practices Ayurvea, which is a more holistic way of healing and relies on pressure points, detox, and a healthier diet which pairs well with the yoga practice. They really do it all!

Jai Dee Yoga

Phone 813-231-2300
Jai Dee Yoga, in Seminole Heights, is both a yoga studio and massage spa for all methods of relaxation. It's a small yoga studio in Tampa, but they offer a wide range of classes and workshops, and several varieties of massage. Their yoga classes range from beginner to advanced skill levels, with everything from relaxation to strength, ashtanga to vinyasa. According to their website, "We provide a safe environment in a spiritually grounded setting for people interested in growth, healing and community." They also pair their practice with massages ranging from short (fully clothed) chair massages for those on the go to longer deep tissue massages to really clear the mind. Jai Dee Yoga offers massage add-ons like sugar scrubs, hot stones, and aromatherapy, as well as special sports and prenatal massages for athletes and mothers who may need some extra attention in certain areas. They even have their own merchandise including music, clothing, and books. I mean, is there any greater place than one with massages, yoga, and books?!

Yoga Loft

2002 East 5th Avenue, Tampa FL

Phone 813-248-9642

Yoga Loft is located in the heart of Ybor City, featuring classes for all ages and skill levels. They boast smaller class sizes for more one-on-one time and a quiet headspace. They offer class packages as well as unlimited weeks/months, with a $30 unlimited month for new students. Yoga Loft believes everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga, so like a few of the other studios on the list, they offer some donation-based classes and discounts for returning patrons on their packages.

The Ybor yoga studio schedules all kinds of classes, from relaxation-based practices to power classes to work up a sweat. They also offer teacher training and certification classes (both 200 and 300-hour certifications). In addition, Yoga Loft holds private sessions and conducts a community yoga Saturdays at the Ybor City Museum State Park gardens. This Wednesday, July 4 Yoga Loft will hold a special 4th of July "Flow 4 Freedom" class at the gardens. They even hold corporate events for companies in the area. Even if your company is not one to participate, we can all agree there is not much better after a stressful work day than a relaxing yoga session. Come clear your mind at Yoga Loft!

Yoga Downtown Tampa

Phone 813-944-2291
Yoga Downtown Tampa is perfect for anyone who lives or works in Downtown Tampa, offering studio classes of all levels and practices. They also teach aerial swing yoga classes! You do have to take a private session to learn the craft, but after that you can take regular classes swinging from the silks. Group aerial sessions, like for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and team building events, are available as well.
Yoga Downtown Tampa also holds donation-based classes at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park ($5 suggestion). Classes are usually held on Sunday evenings, weather permitting. Exact times and any other schedules changes, like for park availability, are posted on Yoga Downtown Tampa's website. You can even Venmo them if you don't have cash on hand, making it that much easier to keep supporting downtown community events. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor, on the ground or in the air, Yoga Downtown Tampa has it all!

All of these studios and many others in the area are incredible spaces to get in shape mentally, physically, and spiritually. As a yogi myself, I know everyone has their own personal preference in practice, which changes day to day. These studios are each very different spaces which offer whatever it may be that you're looking for. If money is a concern, many of these studios offer free community classes or pay what you can classes for the community.

Yoga really is a life-changing practice and it's worth fitting into our wallets and busy schedules. I promise if you visit any of these amazing Tampa yoga studios and give it a try, you will feel like a real warrior, so come down-dog with us at any time. You won't regret it!

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