Founded July 2015, this company DOES IT ALL in more ways than one. First, as a locally funded international travel company for young professionals they arrange global travel for active, young professionals in a way that allows the traveler to experience new places and new people their way with incredible activities, destinations and itineraries designed to maximize time and experience. Secondly, this company with a heart supports ‘Community’ right here at home, in Tampa. Friday, April 1st, 2016, Founder and Tampa native Clint Bertucci, owner of Travr teamed up with Redefining Refuge and local benefactors to host a day of  ‘Chasing Dreams’. Chauffeuring three under aged victims of human trafficking around Tampa Bay, together they introduced them to successful and inspirational people hoping to scatter sunshine.

The Travr site tells you traveling with the right people makes a huge difference and that friendships made during travel are important. With that in mind Bertucci applied his Travr mantra in his own backyard reaching out to girls stripped of their self-esteem by bad people, helping them travel in style to meet good people.


How Travr and Redefining Refuge Scatter Sunshine

After asking the girls to answer questions about future hopes and dreams, Clint Bertucci and Redefining Refuge set out to inspire the girls, give them hope and a glimpse of the possibility life holds, despite the treachery they experienced.  Together Travr and Redefining Refuge helped the girls to understand every hardship, no matter how extreme, can be overcome.

A Travr experience is all about you, Clint Bertucci and Redefining Refuge made a day of 'Chasing Dreams' all about them.

The Day began with flowers. open~unafraid~bold and beautiful, Personalized cards and Gift bags containing motivational materials including The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

“The way to happiness: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.” N. V. Peale

When the 1st Class Limousine arrived, Clint said the girls, having never been in a limo "shrieked" when they saw their transportation. First stop, Tampa General Hospital where the girls visited patients on the Pediatric floors handing out coloring books, balloons and teddy bears while engaging in conversation with kids who enjoyed meeting them. Next they headed to Channelside and Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa where they met Ms. Olympia competitor Kamla Macko. Kamla, the only daughter of Jamaican parents, dedicates her life to helping others achieve physical fitness, preparing women to compete. She shared with the girls the benefits to never-giving-up on a dream, as she gave the girls a tour of the gym. Co-founder Eddy Midyett surprised them with a FREE one-year membership to Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa! 

Next the limo stopped to visit Tampa artists Bianca Burrows and Jason Skeldon of Art Aliens where the girls could express themselves in acrylic paint on canvas. They titled their piece “Chasing Dreams’. Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Certainly what happened to these young girls can in no way be considered ‘everyday life’, however the fact remains, creating art is good for the soul.

The girls did an amazing job! Their work is set to be auctioned at the 5th Annual Bubbles and Butterflies for Redefining Refuge 2016 at the Tampa Bay History Center this April 16th to benefit victims suffering this horrific crime. Local Photographer Joe Sale took professional photos of the work so each of the girls will have a beautifully framed photo of 'Chasing Dreams' as a memory not only of what they created but of their generosity of spirit. Read more about the Gala in The BIG List of Local Charity Events in Tampa for Spring 2016

Treated to lunch at First Watch in Downtown Tampa, the girls excitedly talked about their morning before moving on to Amy's Day Spa where owner Amy Hathcox shared her passionate journey creating one of Tampa’s most successful Day Spas. The girls enjoyed a first-time manicure, gift bags and a photo session at the spa. 

Next stop, the Courthouse where the girls met Chief Judge Ron Ficarotta and local attorney Jason Rogozinski from Rogo Law. Both encouraged the girls to not look back and instead focus on their futures by working hard and understanding the importance of a good education. Judge Ficarotta and Mr. Rogozinski asked them to persevere, to dream big and follow their dreams. The girls donned the Chief Judge’s robes and wielded his gavel giving them something taken from them, their sense of power.

On a trip with Travr you engage in conversation, discuss future plans and make memories you look forward to re-living in your mind's eye. This is what Travr and Redefining Refuge did for three young victims of human trafficking here in Tampa last Friday!  But this is only three young girls, there are many more.

The statistics will stagger you!  It might surprise you to know Tampa is a hotbed for slave trade, and that's what it is, human beings sold and traded for domestic servitude, to both the sex and agricultural industries. To learn more watch this compelling WEDU video: Too Close To Home

“We do the work. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.”  - Travr

This past Friday three girls victimized by greed were able to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while Clint Bertucci, Redefining Refuge and other outstanding members of our community did the work of providing hope and guidance for them. Ask yourself, what can you do to help?  Reach out to Redefining Refuge today by calling (813) 909-0300.