As evacuees return after a grueling ride back down I-75 arrive, and as hundreds of thousands of locals without power begin to settle back into their homes, one question seems to be on everyone's minds, where do I find restaurants in Tampa open after the storm? Below you will find a list of places we confirmed as open - or opening today. Click on the hyperlinks to get the address, phone number and additional information about the restaurant.  

Note: Though open, many of the restaurants in Tampa open after the storm are serving a limited menu, and the possibility of a line waiting to get in is present. Many of these restaurants in Tampa allow pick-up

We recommend picking several places off the list, visiting as many as you can. We also hope you will select local small businesses from this list; many suffered greatly from the shutdown. #SupportLocal #EatLocal

Downtown Tampa and Corridor

South Tampa

North Tampa

East Tampa, Brandon, Valrico


South Shore

As we slowly recover from the after effects of this storm and begin looking for ways to return to some sense of normal, heading to one of these restaurants In Tampa open after the storm, supporting small businesses is one way to make us feel 'right' again. We've read heartwarming posts and negative ones; all affect our psyche. A thought from a wise friend: What's important is that we not judge and instead listen to the plight and struggle of every person. It is easy to have and share an opinion, but much harder to listen, identify, and pass positivity on to those whose shoes it is hard to put yourself in. We are not perfect in this, I am not perfect in this, but I hope especially right now in times of great struggle and hurt we can be the love and light others need. To everyone struggling with the aftermath of Irma whether it be their homes damaged, living as nomads with others, those without power, linemen and women on electric poles trying to repair lines, first responders helping remove debris, the truck drivers bringing in well needed gas, and to those who are blessed to have power and no damage, every person has a story. Let's hear their stories and share love and grace during these tough times. We will be back to normal soon, in the meantime, let's support and #EatLocal. For more information, visit our Hurricane Irma page where you can also upload your photos and your story. (Cover photo by Serge Estevez)