Triumphing against the erosive vice that is time for more than 90 years, the Tampa Theatre continues to captivate audiences with stunning architecture and refined ambiance in the heart of Downtown Tampa

Nonetheless, most locals remain unaware of many of the details found in the theater, its history, the labor it took to create it and what it takes today to maintain this masterpiece.

Thanks to the Tampa Theatre Restoration Tour, audiences can receive in-depth design details about the theatre's architect John Eberson's original vision and aid in the restoration of this Tampa icon. 

Did you know that the original seats were meant to look like warm, chocolate-hued leather because Eberson considered the use of too much red in the theatre to be “bad luck”?

The hour-long Restoration Tour unearths Eberson’s true vision and allows guests to realize the amount of painstaking work and craftsmanship needed to restore Tampa Theatre to its former glory.

Experience the $6 million phase for yourself as you walk through projects and view a short film featuring the team of lead architects, designers and historical experts behind the restoration.

With a suggested admission of $10 at the door, your donation (more if you choose) allows you to become an integral part of the rebuilding team; your proceeds directly benefit the “Cush Your Tush” fundraising campaign.

Step back and take a closer look, most of us have been in the theatre, and at one time or other wished the seats were comfier. Go back and take a closer look at the history and art that went into the creation of Tampa Theatre and help the restoration become a reality. Your tush will be glad you did!  

Restoration Tour Dates and Times

  • Saturday, August 19th 10:00 AM
  • Saturday, September 16th 10:00 AM 
  • Thursday, September 28th 12:00 PM

Help guide our beloved Tampa Theatre back to its intended glory. Experience the Tampa Theatre Restoration Tour for yourself and take part in Tampa's history. Renovate and restore Tampa's grand theatre. Register above to stay connected to  Tampa Theatre and to see articles like Tampa Theatre Restoration Tour: Restoring Glory where you can also locate restaurants in Tampa, learn more about the nightlife in Tampa, Things to Do in Tampa, events and much more. Subscribe, it free! (all photos by MyArea Network Photographers.)