Attention all theater junkies! Are you getting excited for the upcoming fall shows in Tampa?! With more than five different shows coming to The Straz Center and a couple of shows headed to Stageworks Theater and Jobsite Theater, it’s a season filled with spectacular performances in Tampa. 

Continue reading for a description of each show that’s making its way to Tampa this fall. 

Straz Center For The Performing Arts 

As Downtown Tampa’s premier destination for live performances, The Straz Center welcomes you to enjoy miraculous plays throughout September, October, and November. Check out the following descriptions to choose which show(s) you’re going to attend. 

SpyMonkey’s Hysteria - October 1st- November 4th

SpyMonkey’s Hysteria is a demented take on gothic romance that overflows with brilliance. Whether it’s the characters or the comedy, SpyMonkey’s Hysteria is a show you’re bound to enjoy. The play consists of four main characters, a plucky heroine, a handsome English aristocrat, a German butler, and a Spanish soap star. These crazy characters are placed in a spooky mansion with a great sense of humor as they dive into Hysteria with SpyMonkey! 

Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - October 8th - 12th

We’ve all seen Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder tell the amazingly heartwarming tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but Roald Dahl is giving out Golden Tickets in Tampa! Experience the wonders of Wanka live never before as Charlie Bucket and four other lucky winners get to see the magic inside the Chocolate Factory. Get ready for oompa-loompas, crazy inventions, the infamous glass elevator and ever-lasting gobstoppers at The Straz Center this fall.   

 Baby Shark Live - 1 Night & 1 Night only! - October 5th

BAAAAAAAAA-BY SHARK DO-DO-DO-DO-DO! If your kids love to sing and dance along to the Baby Shark song, this is a once in a lifetime chance for them to see it performed live. Baby Shark and his friend Pinkfong will sing and dance to some of your kid's favorite new and classic songs. You’ll be taken on adventures where your kids can learn about shapes, colors, numbers and more, all at the Straz Center for one night and one night only! 

 Fiddler on the Roof - November 5th - 9th

This entirely fresh, funny and fantastic production of Fiddler on the Roof will give you a reason to celebrate. When the original production won ten Tony’s, it became the longest-running musical in Broadway history. Fiddler on the Roof focuses on the familial relationships such as father and daughter and husbands and wives in a timeless manner. It helps to define the terms of faith and family. This production will introduce a new generation to uplifting celebrations of joy, love, and life! 

 Mad Theater of Tampa presents Disenchanted! - November 14th- 24th

If living happily ever after seemed all too good to be true, you’re likely correct! These disenchanted princesses come together to empower us and teach us what happily ever after really looks like. Snow White, who plays the lead role, wants to storm the castle and poke holes in the Princess-Complex. Forget everything you learned as a kid about princesses, Disenchanted will bring these princesses to life and set the record straight. With poisoned apples, glass slippers and more of the classics, you’ll learn a whole new side of the princess lifestyle. It’s not one for the kids either, folks! 

Once On This Island - November 19th - 24th

Once On This Island is more than just a 2018 Tony Award Winner for Best Revival of a Musical. It’s also a sweeping tale of Ti Moune, a fearless peasant girl who is searching for her rightful place in this complicated world. What makes her so fearless is that she's willing to risk it all for love. As the mighty gods guide her to her destiny, she is taken on a miraculous journey to reunite with her one true love. This timeless story of life and love is perfect for a fall evening in Tampa. 

Stageworks Theatre

Head to Channelside for a show at the Stageworks Theater during the months of September and October. 

Wait Until Dark - September 27th – October 13, 2019

The play, Wait Until Dark, is filled with murder, secret identities, and a switchblade main character. His name is Geraldine and he sets the stage for this white-knuckle thriller that will make you nervous to turn the lights off when you go to sleep at night. This play dives into the life of Susan, a blind woman that lives with her husband Sam in Greenwich Village. When Sam travels for business he brings home a peculiar doll. When the doll goes missing and a woman is murdered a mystery begins to unravel. Susan gets wrapped up with a ruthless killer. Check out this fabulous play for a battle of wits and a deadly game of cat and mouse. 

Jobsite Theater

Jobsite Theater is directly connected to The Straz Center in Downtown Tampa. With two amazing shows making their debut at Jobsite Theater this Fall, if you’re a theater fanatic you’ll likely end up there at least once During September, October, and November.  

Meteor Shower by Steve Martin - September 4th-29th

Superstar Steve Martin is bringing his brilliant play to Jobsite Theater this fall. Corky and Norm are the main characters and they’re excited to host Gerald and Laura at their home for a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower outside LA. As the meteor shower begins, Corky and Norm shortly discover that Laura and Gerald might not be who they said they were. Wildly unexpected events follow as the night continues down a strange path. As insanity begins, the couples begin to flirt and craziness ensues. Steve martin uses his trademark humor to bend time and reality to create an amazing new show. 

The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa Fasthorse - October 13rd- November 24th 

On America’s most beloved holiday, families gather to celebrate the warmth of home and the county of the harvest but a legacy of genocide and violent colonial expansion lies in the shadows. Catch Larissa Fasthorse’s wickedly funny satirical play that pokes fun at our most American holiday. A group of “woke” artists scramble to create a pageant show that manages to celebrate both Turkey Day and Native American Heritage Month. Laugh until your sides hurt as you watch this hilarious production at Jobsite Theater.   


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