Are you a #Onesier #ProudOnesier? A few questions arise though as to WHERE to wear your onesie in public? In addition to where, did you know about the medical benefits of wearing onesies in Tampa Bay? Yes, there are actually medical benefits to wearing onesies… in Florida no less! 

Medical Benefits of Wearing Onesies in Tampa Bay Movie Theaters 

Foremost, utilize common sense when wearing your onesies in public. Florida gets scorching hot and when it sizzles, the likelihood of heatstroke incidents arise. Fabulous onesiers are no exception. Be smart. Seek indoor places with climate controlled facilities such as Tampa Bay movie theaters with onesie approved spaces:  Tampa Theatre, Tampa Pitcher Show, Muvico Centro Ybor 20 , Villagio Cinemas at Carollwood, Studio Movie Grill ,  AMC The Regency 20Regal Cinemas Park Place 16 & RPXCobb Tyrone Luxury 10, CinéBistro at Grove 16, and Muvico Centro Ybor 20.


Wait, what are the medical benefits of wearing a onesie in a movie theater you ask? Despite routine cleaning, movie theaters still fall victim to unclean movie seats and bedbug infestations. If the bedbugs gross you out, no the biggest baddest bug you can get from a movie seat is MRSA. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is the big bad bacterium responsible for those tough antibiotic resistant bacteria cases you hear on the news almost monthly. Doctor Riscile from Doctor Riscile’s Walk-In Clinic in South Tampa says the best way to combat MRSA on movie theater seats is to cover up your most vulnerable limbs, the ones with direct contact to the seat. Your MRSA-free legs and arms will thank you when you wear your fluffy bunny onesie during your next trip to the movie theater. 

In addition, onesies provide better circulation for your limbs because you’re not constricted by harsh, tight fabrics while you watch a seat-gripping movie. Not only will you be comfy in your onesie, you’ll be doing your body a service and staying warm. 

What about using the restroom? Use common sense, only wear your onesies to establishments with clean bathrooms and with stall hooks to hang your onesie. As long as you don’t mind undressing in the stall to urinate, then you will be okay. Doctor Riscile says, “Not using the restroom may lead to an increase in UTI’s since a [onesier] holds his or her urine longer to avoid the hassle of taking the onesie on and off.” 

Be the #ProudOnesier you are, use common sense, and enjoy your next visit to your local Tampa Bay movie theater.